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Escape Rooms for Corporate Teams: Why BreakoutIQ is Right for You

Core Elements Of An Escape Room & How Breakout IQ Has Improved On The Industry Standard

Escape rooms are physical adventure games in which players solve a connected series of puzzles while racing against the clock. Anything in the room can be a clue – everyday items like picture frames and maps may hide secret messages, and interactive props like blacklights and speakers can reveal the next puzzle. To be successful, players need to work together and think outside of the box.

Escape rooms today are well loved by adults and corporate groups (combined, approx. 60% of all escape players) for their optimal challenge and unique ability to highlight individual and team dynamics.

Travel coast to coast with the Great American EscapeAlthough brick-and-mortar escape rooms are currently the most well known, these games are derived from a diverse lineage of point-and-click computer adventure games, live action role play, and puzzle & treasure hunting games (to name a few). The core elements of these games – interlocking puzzles embedded in immersive game elements, props and narrative – do not actually require a physical location.

By creating portable escape rooms that maintain intelligent design and life-size experience, BreakoutIQ has improved upon some of the endemic challenges associated with the traditional rooms, such as maximum group sizes and minimum participant travel times, while preserving a classic, high-quality escape experience.

What Can Your Team Expect At Your Next BreakoutIQ Escape?

  • Any size, any occasion, any location: BreakoutIQ offers one of a kind pop up escape rooms games. We work with groups ranging from the 10s to the 100s, and have a flexibile set up such that we can seamlessly integrate into any agenda and occasion. We can also set up our games at your office or off-site location, or even help you find a space if you don’t have one.
  • Get lost in the experience: Team-specific materials provide a sense of camaraderie while shared space and communal items (not to mention a ticking clock) instigate both competition and collaboration across teams. Music provides ambiance, transforming even an ordinary conference room into a new world as players travel around the room collecting hints, relaying information, and solving puzzles. All game pieces are life-size and consistent with our narrative themes, such as treasure hunting in America or playing detective backstage at the Theater. Prepare to be transported!
  • Discover, search, explore: Mystery is the name of the game in the world of escapes. The way forward will sometimes be clear but often will be uncertain. You start each game with a large packet of clues. The mysterious number puzzle can be solved right away, but what will it be used for? Posters are scattered around the room, but what do they mean? How can I use this flashlight if I wasn’t given enough batteries? As you make progress, your successes only lead to more clues. Where will they take you? You can only find out by journeying on.
  • Solve puzzles, make connections, build up as you break out: Each step of the way you and your team are always diligently, sometimes hastily, and maybe even unknowingly solving puzzles. At the beginning you may only be required to explore the room and make simple connections, but as you go the puzzles get increasingly complex. They are interwoven with tools, techniques, and knowledge learned within the game. As you accomplish more and more tasks, you are guided toward a larger goal – and ultimately, your team’s victory!
  • Get help when you need it: Most escapes start and end with a gamemaster introducing and recapping the game as well as offer some forum to request hints during the game. BreakoutIQ improves upon these traditions by providing expert facilitators and personalized support at every event. Not only do our facilitators manage activity set up and clean up, they are available in person throughout the game, making them responsive and adaptable to teams’ needs and ensuring everyone – seasoned problem solver or first timer – is engaged, contributing, and moving towards an exciting finish! (read more about what people say about our facilitators here)
  • Enjoy yourself! Playing a well-made escape room should be intrinsically motivating: the game’s built-in plot, seamless reveals and optimal challenge offer not just an immersive game play, but also a sense of wonder and appreciation for the game itself. BreakoutIQ prides itself on intelligent and intentional game designs that carefully guide players through a sequence of puzzles and storyline that is smooth, fun and engaging. We’re not here to stump you – we’re here to delight you.

Interested In An Escape Room For Your Team?

It’s no wonder that escape rooms are so popular for team building. Not only are they fun and engaging but they also provide a potent allegory to better understand yourself, your teammates, and your team as a whole.

At BreakoutIQ, we believe that we’ve built the perfect escape room designed for corporate teams and large groups.

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We hope you’ll join us soon!