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You'll Need Your Whole Team For This Triv

Trivia for Corporate Teams: Why BreakoutIQ is Right for You

Open Concept, Closed Minds

Team building is taking the world by storm in an effort to foster relationships throughout a company. Bar trivia is an attractive and easy activity for your group, but lacks the problem solving challenges that are needed for an effective team building activity.  BreakoutIQ has created the solution: TrivIQ. 

TrivIQ differs from your regular bar trivia because it not only allows but requires everyone to participate. Through customized and discussion based rounds, all members are actively engaged throughout the entire game, allowing all to feel part of the team, both on and off the court.

We Start With Content Designed For You

All smiles during triv!

Unlike your standard bar trivia, TrivIQ blows past the random facts you can prep for and dives right into what’s important: YOU. Our variety of rounds is built to exercise communication, strategic thinking, and logic. Teamwork and discussion is sparked through a mix of creative problem solving, office culture, and customized content. Our approach allows each team member, regardless of their interests, backgrounds, or experiences, to contribute to the game, and more importantly, their team.

No Stops And Starts: Our Game Moves

Our game is designed to be fast paced and fun. We’ve eliminated the constant waiting for hosts to ask question after question. Our hosts present each round, take questions, and then set the timer. After that, it’s up to you—five minutes on the clock! With the provided worksheet, your team tackles the problem at hand. Whether it’s about trying to survive on the moon or matching the correct words with their bizarre definitions from Urban Dictionary, your team needs to discuss the options to come to the correct conclusion. Once time’s up, worksheets are collected and the answers are revealed. Then it’s onto the next round. We don’t make you pause while we score. As you work on the next round, our hosts grade, providing a seamless experience.  We provide updates as the game goes so you have a sense of the standings, but there’s no waiting on us—this game is about you. 

You Must Journey With Your Team In Order To Succeed

Do you know the key items to your survival on the moon?In a regular trivia game, each team can contain members who know a lot about a little, a little about a lot, and remember absolutely nothing under pressure. No matter which category you fall into, it’s obvious the team is already divided. TrivIQ removes that division by having a mix of creative content, office culture based rounds, and puzzle based rounds.

Because our rounds are centered around discussion, the same bonds that form while solving real life problems occur during our trivia. Macgyvering the copy machine into working with James will always stick in your head because together you overcame an obstacle. That high and sense of accomplishment that you feel is shared with someone, connecting you. Next time you have a problem, you will instinctively go back to him. The same is true with TrivIQ. As teams work together through lighthearted problem based rounds, they use rational thought and strategy. Exercising these tools in a low pressure situation allows them to be strengthened with the people on your team. Those tools will transition into the workplace environment because you’ve already felt comfortable using them with your teammates. TrivIQ ensures everyone stays engaged and is valued as a team member, and your event is a worthy team building experience.

Your Goals. Your Team. Your Trivia

So many benefits come from our standard games, but some companies want to take their event a step further: enter customization.

On a surface level, rounds that are tailored to you are fun and surprising. The effect of having material everyone is familiar with connects players to the game. On a deeper level, TrivIQ allows your goals for the day to be easily met. Whether you want the interns to know more about the company or are driving home company values to the staff, BreakoutIQ’s content wizards will create a way to present the material without the painful feeling of testing. Studies have shown that children learn best through play. It gives them information while also supplying context and interactive social situations. TrivIQ harnessed this theory during the creation of our games. We believe that by supplying information during game play, it will be ingested and absorbed in a lasting way. Combine this with the positive social interactions, and we’ve created the perfect team building experience for you.

Interested In A Trivia Activity For Your Team?

Create some fun, laugh filled memories together by adding some trivia to your next team outing!

BreakoutIQ offers a twist on trivia called TrivIQ, filled with content that sparks discussion and engages every participant, not just the trivia buffs. TrivIQ features a diverse set of rounds that focus on creative problem solving, office culture, and lighter, more accessible content, rather than focusing on obscure knowledge and you-know-it-or-you-don’t type questions. We also offer a premium activity tier where we can customize much of the games content for your company, event themes, and/or learning goals.

To learn more or book a BreakoutIQ’trivia event, click here

We hope you’ll join us soon!