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Team Building Event Tips: Choosing a Theme for Trivia

Thinking about doing a team trivia activity to bring your team together? With virtual trivia, your team doesn’t even have to be together in person. This makes it ideal for giving remote workers a chance to get to know each other. Before you can bring your team together, though, you need to decide on a theme for your game. How do you do this, and what trivia themes are out there? Well you’re in luck, because the team here at BreakoutIQ has spent a lot of time researching popular trends, testing themes and question sets, and getting great feedback from our many satisfied clients to put together some helpful tips for helping you decide on the theme of your next trivia game.

What Are Some Good Trivia Topics?

There are many different trivia topics out there. You can select from everything from basic knowledge and pop culture to technology and industry-specific questions. There’s nothing worse than coming across the same standard questions you may have heard at your local sports bar. That’s why BreakoutIQ offers a wide variety of themes that can appeal to people with all kinds of knowledge sets. For example, our health and wellness trivia focuses on the body, being well, and eating right. For participants that are interested in things like people and culture, we will quiz your team on things such as world holidays, historical achievements, and global statistics.

Looking for some themed fun for seasonal team building events? Consider going with a holiday or pop-culture event-specific trivia. For example, we have a series of trivia questions about various awards like the Emmys and the Oscars. If you are holding your game in the fall, Halloween might be an interesting theme for a round of questions. And you can even ramp up the fun by encouraging your team to dress in theme!

You can always work with us to create your own trivia topics, too. Some companies do use team trivia to help refresh company policy or industry-specific questions. Team trivia can even be used in the on-boarding process to help bring large groups of new employees up to speed on the company and industry.


What Are Some of the Best Trivia Themes for My Team?

While there are a wide variety of topics, some of these trivia categories may not be right for your team or for the time you plan on having your game. For example, you may not want to do a Oscars focused theme if the majority of your team are more music fans.

Deciding on the right theme can go a long way to determining how good your trivia game is. If you pick themes that your employees aren’t familiar with, they may find the game too hard. On the other hand, a game that’s really easy may also not be as fun. While the questions will vary on difficulty, there are some themes that your team may find difficult. Think about what industry you’re in and what your team members enjoy.

If you don’t know your employees very well, it may be best to go with fairly generic categories like our classic mix or people and culture. On the other hand, if you know a lot of your employees enjoy watching movies, the pop culture category may be fun.

Should you include industry or even company-specific questions? Creating a customized game can be a lot of fun but be careful that you don’t make it too much like work. Your team may find that it’s a little boring and a bit too much like being in the office.


Tips For Keeping Your Team Engaged With Your Trivia Theme

We recommend choosing one theme to stick with throughout all the trivia rounds. Here at BreakoutIQ, our typical trivia game events have four rounds. To help emphasize collaboration and creative problem solving, we mix things up by providing a different structure for each round rather than the standard “general knowledge” trivia format. This also helps to make sure some players don’t feel left out if they don’t know much about a particular category or theme, and they can still help out their team for most of the rounds.


What Trivia Themes Would Work Best for the Workplace?

Some themes are going to be a better fit for your workplace than others. For example, if you’re in a field related to healthcare or education, the health and wellness theme might be a good option. For those with a team spread across the world, themes related to countries, culture, and people may be a good fit. This way, everyone can have a chance at answering questions. For rounds based on something such as pop culture, a global team may be at a disadvantage if the questions are mainly drawn from U.S. pop culture. Keep this in mind when selecting your categories.

Determining the right themes and how many categories for each theme is one of the few things you need to do when you partner with BreakoutIQ. We handle writing all the questions, run the actual game, and keep score. The only thing you have to do is let us know what categories you want and invite your team members. If you’re interested about learning more or want to book a trivia game, contact BreakoutIQ today.