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Fun Ideas for Remote Team Building

Are you looking for some fun virtual team building activities that will help bring your remote team together? There are many different options out there. While simply working together can help employees get to know each other, it’s just not quite the same as participating in non-work team building exercises. Some of these exercises are actively focused on team building, while others are simply activities that help team members get to know each other. Here are some fun ideas for these remote team building activities.


What Are Some Virtual Team Building Activities?

There are many different virtual team building activities out there from remote lunches and social gatherings, to team games and problem solving activities. Some are fairly easy to set up. For example, since you can’t take your team out to lunch, you could have everyone get together for a virtual gathering. During this lunch, people could talk about their hobbies, share stories about themselves, or just chat about whatever they’re currently interested in. Depending on your team goals you can keep it casual without any set agenda or you could incorporate some element of training and make it a remote lunch-and-learn.

Another good option is an online water cooler meeting where your team members just hang out and chat with each other to socialize. You can liven things up with some games or other activities, but you don’t necessarily have to. For both of these options, if your budget allows, you could even pay for your team members’ lunches or snacks.


What Are Some Unique Out of The Box Activities for Remote Teams?

Are you looking for activities for remote teams that are a little more unusual? You can do more than just talk during a team building exercise. You could gather your team together to play virtual trivia or to do an online scavenger hunt. There are online cooperative games everyone could play, too.

An online escape room is another fun out of the box activity. It’s similar to in-person escape rooms, but the puzzles are all online. Some may involve visiting certain websites or watching videos for clues. Employees work together to see which team escapes first. The puzzles vary in type and difficulty, so each person can contribute something.


What Is a Virtual Happy Hour?

A virtual happy hour is a great time for people to get to know each other and bond as a team. There are a few options for virtual happy hours. You can have everyone come together to play games or talk, but you can elevate the experience by purchasing virtual happy hour kits. These kits include everything a person needs to enjoy the event, including recipes for drinks and even the ingredients. This is what makes a virtual happy hour more than just a standard social gathering.


How Do You Make a Virtual Happy Hour Fun?

Of course, you can do much more than just have employees mix drinks and chat. You can give your virtual happy hour a theme that fits with current events or with your company culture. You may also be able to hire a virtual bartender to lead your team in making drinks and keep them engaged. These bartenders can also host games and other activities to keep the conversation going and make sure everyone has fun.


What Is a Virtual Luncheon?

Another option is to have a virtual luncheon. This is more than just employees sitting in front of their cameras eating. Like the virtual happy hour, it can involve having food delivered to each employee and a host leading the activities. If you work with a virtual luncheon kit, you may not have to do much of anything but sit back and enjoy the event. Of course, depending on where your team is located, you may be able to order delivery for all of them. It all depends on your budget and what you want to provide.


How Do You Make a Virtual Luncheon Fun?

There are a lot of ways to make your virtual luncheon fun. Again, just like with your virtual happy hour, you could have a team trivia contest or a virtual scavenger hunt. You may want to divide the luncheon in to two parts, though, soy our team has time to eat before they participate in an activity. You don’t want someone trying to finish their meal and contribute to a scavenger hunt or virtual escape room at the same time.

The main goal of a virtual happy hour, online luncheon, or other virtual gathering is to give your team time to get to know each other and learn how to work together better. If that means doing icebreakers and talking about hobbies, that can be great. For teams that have been together a little longer, it might mean you need a host to lead the group through some games or other activities. Either way, you can’t go wrong with some of these remote team building ideas.