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Office Halloween planning notes

Office Halloween Fun From Home

Halloween Fun From Home for Your Remote Teams

Jack o lantern eating a small gourdEven though many of us have switched to work from home, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy some of that spooky office fun for Halloween with a virtual twist!  

Holidays like Halloween provide an opportunity to break away from our day to day work activities and cut loose a little. Companies can boost remote team morale, encourage work/fun balance and let their teams get really creative with activities and contests in the office during the holidays. Some of the ways that people typically get into the spirit around Halloween at the office include: decorating your desk, costume contests, Halloween parties with snacks and drinks and a variety of team building games. All of these activities help boost morale and enhance relationships between coworkers. 

All of these activities are still possible right from your own homes. You do not need the office to enjoy these Halloween activities and have some fun with your coworkers!


Decorate Your Remote Office Desk Contest

Halloween decor on office deskNo reason to let the office tradition of decorating your desk fade, hold the contest virtually. 

Ask everyone to decorate their home work space, just like they would at the office. Have teammates submit photos of their creations by a set deadline. Everyone can vote in the end on which coworker’s space they loved the best. Some theme ideas you could pass along to your teams include: haunted house, pirates, ghosts, spiders, werewolves, clowns/ carnival, graveyards and more!

This activity allows people to participate at different comfort levels. For some, it’s an opportunity to show off some of their unique personal style. And for others that may not be up for decorating their workspace, they can still participate by casting their vote for their favorite decorated space. Prizes or other incentives are a great way to show appreciation for their participation. 


Remote Pumpkin Carving Contest

Carving pumpkins is a widely loved Halloween tradition. 

Carved decorative pumkinsHold a contest to see who can carve, paint or decorate the best pumpkin. You can keep things simple, or have categories or themes to spice things up. Have teammates submit photos of their creations by a set deadline and everyone can vote for their favorite at the end. Remote team members can choose to do one pumpkin or groups might want to work together to create their own little patch. Let them show off their creativity and their unique skill sets. 

Prizes or other incentives are a great way to show appreciation for their participation. You could also send small gift cards to help pay for a pumpkin for each employee, so they do not have to spend their own cash. 


Virtual Games for Halloween Team Building Fun

You can enjoy all of the old office fun right from your own home. And if you’re looking to take your Halloween team building game to the next level, consider a team building event like virtual Halloween trivia or a virtual scavenger hunt to encourage teamwork, collaboration, and a little friendly competition.