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Halloween themed decorations

Virtual Halloween Team Building Events

Looking for something a bit more engaging and challenging for your remote team members this Halloween? Consider Halloween Themed Trivia, a thrilling remote Escape Room or a Virtual Scavenger Hunt. 

Virtual Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Complete a series of challenges by searching the web, using items from your own home or coming up with clever on-the-spot creations!

Jack o lantern covered in lightsScavenger hunts like this will keep your remote team members engaged. Hoping up to grab their items, thinking it through and collaborating with other team members all help activity engagement and overall enjoyment. This Halloween themed virtual scavenger hunt is fairly short and easy to put together. 

You may want to opt for a full on scavenger hunt that is more challenging and requires a bit more critical thinking for your remote team event. Breakout IQ hosts a unique virtual scavenger hunt called “The Quest of Wonders”. Enter a quest across the world’s most iconic landmarks and monuments! Complete a series of challenges by searching the web, using items from your own home or coming up with clever on-the-spot creations!

Virtual Halloween Trivia

Give your Halloween party a jolt of fun with trivia that will have your team screaming for more!

Trivia can be complex to plan and host, especially when developing questions for a specific theme like Halloween. Having someone host this part of your event can save you time and help ensure your attendees have a good time. 

BreakoutIQ Virtual Trivia Rounds

  • This is Halloween: Test your Halloween knowledge with a series of haunting questions!
  • Urban Dictionary: Match otherworldly (but work appropriate) definitions to their correct words!
  • The Undead Media: Name the correct zombie movie or TV show using the descriptive facts we provide!
  • Over Under: Identify if we nefariously fudged our Halloween stats, and by how much!

Here at Breakout IQ, we are the experts at hosting virtual team events. If you’re looking for a Halloween trivia host that will keep your team engaged then we have you covered. Our questions rely on intuition, problem solving, teamwork, and more than just memorizing facts! We provide real time scoring and in-game stats! Find out more about our virtual Halloween trivia

Virtual Halloween Escape Rooms

Escape rooms can be a thrilling event to get your team fired up. Freeing yourself from a room you are “trapped in” will get anyone’s heart racing. 

If you’re looking for an event to bring your remote team together, virtual escape rooms can be just as thrilling and blood pumping as an in-person escape room. An escape room requires teamwork and solid communication skills, making it a great remote team building activity. 

Trying to put together an escape room can be a big undertaking, requiring a lot of planning, creativity, and a skillful host to guide the game. Hiring a team that already has a creative plan and skillful, experienced hosts can be a big time saver. At Breakout IQ, we have developed an engaging and exciting escape room “The Entertainer’s Escape”. In our escape room you’re on the hunt for a group of disgruntled entertainers who have stolen a rare artifact. Things can get pretty scary chasing down thieves. 

Remote team events do not have to be hard or time consuming. Let Breakout IQ provide the support you need for your virtual team building activities.