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Virtual Winter Holiday Team Building Ideas

Remote Team Building Fun With a Holiday Spin

The Holidays are almost here! This is a great time of year to get your remote teams together for a little bit of holiday themed virtual team building and all out fun. There are several engaging and unique experiences to pick from like Virtual Holiday Trivia, Virtual Holiday Gift Exchange, Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunts and more.

Virtual Winter Holiday Trivia

Holiday trivia team building gameJoin in the fun this season with remote team holiday trivia. At Breakout IQ, trivia is our signature team building format. This year’s holiday trivia is sure to bring joy and excitement to you and your team. Compete in teams, answering holiday themed trivia built for everyone. Our holiday trivia rounds include: 

  • Tribond: Find the common holiday-themed thread between sets of 3 words
  • Urban Dictionary: Match festive holiday definitions to the correct words
  • Picture’s Worth 1000 Words: Translate a mix of images into the name of a popular holiday movie
  • Over Under: Identify if we fudged our holiday stats, and by how much

Remote Winter Holiday Escape Room

It’s the season to be jolly and clever! Wintery challenges and festive clues will guide you in this special holiday themed virtual escape room. Challenge yourself and your remote team with our virtual holiday escape room. Your family of spies is getting together for the holidays in a secret location that changes every year. The head of the family has laid out a series of puzzles to help you discover the travel route and join the festivities. Our holiday escape room encopmpasses clues from classic holiday movie clips and songs, image searches, fact-finding quests, and riddles. 

Virtual Winter Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a good holiday adventure for your team? Our virtual holiday scavenger hunt is full of challenges to solve by searching the web, using items from your own home or coming up with clever on-the-spot creations! Race against the clock in teams to see who can complete the most challenges and collect the most points. Our scavenger hunts incorporate classic holiday movies, iconic locations, favorite gifts, family traditions, decorations, and more!

Remote Winter Holiday Lights Tour 

Showing off holiday lights via remote meetingPeople love driving around to look at holiday lights at this time of year. Put together a slideshow or video clips of amazing light displays from all around the world, and share them with your team. Let them talk about each one you show them, engage with each other. They can discuss the ones they liked best at the end and why they liked them. This is a simple activity that allows individuals to learn a lot more about each other.

Virtual Holiday Gift Exchange

Remote holiday gift exchangeVirtual holiday gift exchanges are an easy way to get every team member involved. Set a reasonable gift amount anywhere from $15-$25, and see what unique holiday gifts people pick. You can organize your team’s “Secret Santa” on an excel sheet or use a free virtual gift exchange program online. Email your remote team members to let them know individually who they will be selecting a gift for along with that team member’s shipping address (team members would need to consent to sharing their shipping address in advance). Remote team members can buy their gift online and have it shipped directly to their recipient. Hosting a virtual meeting where everyone can open their gifts together at the same time adds to the fun. 

Holiday Themed Fun For Your Remote Team Members

All of these remote team building activities will add a bit of whimsy and fun to your teams this season. Find out more today about our virtual holiday building events.