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Remote team icebreaker with a holiday theme

Winter Holiday Icebreakers for Your Remote Team

Remote Winter Holiday Icebreakers 

Winter decorationsHoping to find some new, fun and creative icebreakers for your remote team meeting this Holiday season? Try out Holiday Bingo or a Holiday Name That Tune.

Virtual Holiday Bingo

Icebreakers should be fairly quick and uncomplicated, like bingo. Keep it simple and create a holiday bingo board, using various holiday images, forgoing any letters on top of the grid. Create several versions, mixing the images up and around on the grid. Email your remote team mates their  holiday board in advance to print out and have ready to go. Consider a prize for the winner. 

Virtual Winter Holiday Never Have I Ever

This virtual game is another quick and easy ice breaker. Create a list of 10 or so various holiday related questions. Consider these holiday questions.

  • Never have I ever peeked at presents in advance
  • I don’t believe in Santa
  • Never have I ever bought a gift and kept it for myself
  • Do not like pumpkin spice
  • Never have I ever wore an ugly sweater


Have your team members hold up their hand, for each question they can answer yes to, one finger goes down.The last person with any fingers still up is the winner. 

Virtual Holiday Name That Tune

holiday fun at the officeThe holidays are full of festive music. From holiday music over the decades to holiday music in our favorite holiday films, there are many tunes you can include in this remote icebreaker. Try selecting 10-12 songs that most people would be familiar with, maybe throw in a few wild cards to keep your team on their toes. If you decide to do songs that are also in popular movies, you can make it more challenging by having them name the song and a film it’s in. 


Love The idea of Holiday Themed Fun to Spice up Your Remote Team Meetings?

Thinking about doing more? Consider Remote Team Building Holiday Events! Here at Breakout IQ we specialize in fun, creative and engaging remote team building events. Let us support you in providing some holiday excitement for your team this year.