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Group of people having a remote meeting

Kick Off the New Year With Remote Team Building Fun

Women having a remote meetingThinking about ways to kick off the new year at the office? Whether you’re getting ready to welcome the new hires, introduce team members to new project teams, or just looking to start the year with some fresh team building, Breakout IQ is ready to help. Consider these three things when planning ahead for your new work year: using more innovative ways to deliver new year goals that will motivate your team, pack a punch with a unique onboarding process to introduce new team members, and provide social opportunities throughout the year for your team members to meet and get to know each other better. 

Achieving these three things is easy, when you incorporate remote team building experiences with Breakout IQ. Try out something fresh like a virtual icebreaker or one of our new game show inspired events: Virtual Office Feud and Name That Price!

Virtual Icebreaker for Remote Teams

Women having a remote meetingAn icebreaker can effectively warm up your teammates making them more comfortable to interact in your meeting. When employees are engaged and involved, they are more likely to absorb the information you are sharing.

Break the virtual ice at your next New Year meeting with our Get to Know Me icebreaker. Our Get to Know Me icebreaker has four rounds of games for your team to talk, share and learn about each other. Rounds include a scavenger hunt, interview style questions, and a lightning round to reveal what they have learned about each other. Benefits of this virtual icebreaker:

  • Professionally hosted
  • Supports up to 300 team members
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Maximum fun without the usual awkwardness
K. Salazar says… “Ava and Marcia were great hosts and this was a wonderful team event to get to know your coworkers; everyone really enjoyed it.”

Game Show Inspired Team Building Events

For meetings designed solely for team building, one of our game show inspired events is a perfect fit. Game shows are easy to follow and all inclusive team building events. We offer two high energy virtual game show experiences: Virtual Office Feud and Name That Price!

Virtual Office Feud

Who can guess the top responses to popular public surveys? In our virtual office feud, teams of 5-6 compete against each other for the most points in a battle of wit! Team members will play 3 rounds, each consisting of two parts. The first part is a ‘Face Off’ challenge: Be the fastest to correctly answer a question about a survey in the Zoom chat! The second part has teams work together in breakout rooms to guess the most popular responses to a series of surveys. The top two teams go head-to-head in the lightning ‘Fast Money’ round. The winner of this round wins the game! Benefits of Virtual Office Feud:

  • Professionally hosted
  • Supports up to 750 team members
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Two themes to choose from: US and International
A. Buchholz says… “Our team had a blast playing Virtual Office Feud with Dean and Mickey! They booked us with only a week’s notice and were extremely responsive with our questions and organizational concerns. The game was a blast, well-organized and timely. No awkward lags between games or tallying the scores. It was perfect!”

Name That Price!

Women having a remote meetingCome on down and place your bids, it’s time to Name That Price! Teams of 5-6 compete against each other to guess the prices of popular and unique consumer items. Our game consists of 3 rounds, each with 2 parts. The first part is bidding to guess the price of a unique item before all the digits are revealed. The second part has teams work together in breakout rooms to guess the prices of a series of popular consumer items. The top 2 teams go head-to-head for the win in the final ‘Showcase’ round. In the final ‘Showcase’ round, they each pick a different collection and bid on it. The team with the closest bid wins!

  • Professionally hosted
  • Supports up to 750 team members
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Virtual team building showcase

Our Team is Here For Your Team

Stand out with your team meetings, make them fun and entertaining for your team. Just because your teams may be virtual or remote doesn’t mean they have to feel disconnected. Remote team building events help nurture a cohesive team that knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and works together towards company goals.

T. Llora says… “We have done a number of events with Breakout IQ and each one has been great fun. They always work with us to make sure it’s successful and will even customize. The hosts are always great, too. Thanks!”

Looking for more great virtual team building activities? The crew at Breakout IQ is ready to help! Check out our other exciting events like:

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