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Women on the phone while working remotely on her laptop

Building Professional Relationships with Virtual Events

Woman working on her laptopProfessional relationships can still be built and nurtured whether team members are working in person or remotely from home.

Working from home does not mean working alone. Individual interactions in meetings keep the team environment together. This face time exchanged in meetings is the glue that holds team members together. These meetings alone though are not enough to help develop and refine professional relationships between team members. Teams need to develop a connection to have trust with each other, creating a safe space to give their all.

There is a simple way to provide opportunities and space for team members to work on their professional relationships; remote team building events.

What is a Good Professional Relationship?

Important factors of a professional relationship include: communication, trust, welcomes in diversity and mindfulness.

Business relationships can vary depending on the various personalities and intentions of the individuals involved. In general, a good professional relationship requires trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and open communication. When you have these key elements, individuals can be open and honest in their thoughts and actions allowing all of their time and energy to go towards their work and projects.

Why are Professional Relationships Important?

Man working remotely outside on his laptop while on the phoneProfessional relationships involve people working together to achieve a common goal for the benefit of their company or organization.

Healthy working relationships make work more enjoyable. Studies show that close-knit teams are more productive, allowing more “free time” to innovate and focus on personal development. This personal development can further careers and improve employee morale. When team members’ morale is high, they are more motivated to work together and be more creative. This also has a direct effect on employee retention rate. When team members develop quality professional connections, they will in turn feel more connected to the company overall.

Building & Nurturing Professional Relationships with Virtual Team Building

Man working remotely outside on his laptopRemote team games encourage vulnerability & teamwork to build professional relationships between teammates.

Virtual team events allow team members to work through various scenarios and brainstorm together to find solutions. In this game setting there is no real failure. Everyone is having fun and learning how to work through conflicts and victories together. Remote game events are an ideal way to promote team harmony and streamline communication. There are several types and themes of remote team building games to pick from. They can be hosted in house or you can hire a company that specializes in these kinds of events. Not only can hiring a professional be a time saver but they can also keep team members engaged and the game running smoothly.

Hosting a virtual team building event is easy with Breakout IQ. We have done all the work and have the experience to ensure an enjoyable, memorable and productive company event.