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What Makes a Game Good for Virtual Team Building?

person in remote team building on laptopVirtual team building games are an easy and creative way to get your team together. Games that are great for team building incorporate specific attributes.

Not all games are created with team building in mind. Some games are designed especially for team building while others just seem to naturally work well. What makes these games work well for team building? Is it the “theme” or the “objective” of the game that determines its viability for professional development? 

While games are fun to play, they are also a successful learning tool. 

What qualities make a good team building game?

There are 8 main qualities that contribute to a successful team building game. 

The range of games and game types are endless. From Bingo to Jenga to Twister, they are full of variety. Each one incorporates a different mix of attributes. How do we know which games are best for our team building goals?  There are 8 qualities to look for when selecting a game for your remote team building event. 

Does the game spark:

  • Motivation
    • When excited and invested in a project, teams are typically more engaged with the process
  • Reliability
    • Team members need to be able to trust that you are there to guide them and assist them
  • Empathy
    • Empathetic team members understand the feelings and motives of their fellow team members allowing them to work and communicate more effectively
  • Teamwork
    • A good team member demonstrates cooperation, proactivity, reliability and flexibility
  • Leadership
    • A good leader will establish the team’s goals, counsel members that are having difficulties and make decisions when issues arise
  • Problem solving
    • Team members should be able to address interpersonal conflicts and problems related to the team’s goals
  • Communication
    • Team members need to use both verbal and written communication skills to resolve conflicts, delegate responsibilities and establish team goals
  • Delegation 
    • The expertise and help of others is needed to accomplish certain tasks and goals

Can these qualities be incorporated into any remote team game? 

Man taking notes at workYes! You can incorporate several of these attributes to any virtual team game. You could also choose one of the many virtual team building games already created. 

While you can certainly take any team game you like and add in factors that help promote the 8 attributes noted above, it may be easier to select a game already created with virtual team building in mind. 

A few games you could choose from include:

  • Virtual Trivia
    • Promotes communication, teamwork & problem solving
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
    • Promotes motivation, reliability, empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem solving 
  • Virtual Escape Room
    • Promotes motivation, reliability, empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and delegation
  • Virtual Icebreakers
    • Promotes communication, empathy and teamwork

Hosting a virtual team building event is easy with Breakout IQ. We have done all the work and have the experience to ensure an enjoyable, memorable and productive company event.