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Spring Break Events For Remote And Hybrid Teams

Spring Break Fun at Work

group of people working together on a laptopSpring is here! Spring Break is most commonly known as a week of rest and recuperation for students. This special time of year can also be beneficial in the corporate world. Everyone can benefit from a Spring Break.

Of course, it is not feasible to have the whole company take a week long vacation at the same time. But it is possible to provide opportunities for you and your teams to take a step back, relax and reset. There are several ways to provide these much needed breaks in a fun and interactive way. Some of the more traditional activities include; wear jeans to work day, beach day (decorate your cube), goofy hat day, lunch on the boss and more.

In today’s corporate environment, you have a healthy blend of in-house team members and remote team members. While the classic activities listed above are fun, they do not allow for much remote employee inclusion. With people working remotely or in hybrid teams, it can be tricky to find a team building exercise that everyone can participate in.

Virtual and Hybrid Team Trivia & Virtual and Hybrid Game Show Events are perfect ways to include remote teams and dispersed team members all over the globe in your Spring Break event.

Virtual & Hybrid Team Trivia

Virtual team trivia gives your remote and hybrid employees the chance to work together and put their knowledge of trivia to the test. In the spirit of friendly competition, team members can connect and build on their relationships while taking a break from their daily tasks.

At Breakout IQ, our hybrid trivia events start with a team breakout that allows teams to select a captain and a team name. This short ice breaker helps individuals unite with a sense of purpose for a common goal. Win! Our hosts will then lead the teams into a lighthearted introductory round that eases them into talking together and sharing their ideas. As rounds progress, so does the difficulty of the trivia, keeping your employees engaged the whole way through.

Try out a customized virtual or hybrid team trivia event to coincide with your office’s spring break theme. Perhaps you chose “the beach” and are looking for trivia related to the beach and different famous beaches throughout the globe. Or, you may have chosen a “sightseeing” spring break and are looking for trivia on some of the top tourist attractions in the US? The possibilities of customized virtual trivia are endless.

Virtual & Hybrid Game Show Events

man working at his computerIf you’re looking for something a little more interactive and challenging than team trivia, try a hybrid game show event. Game shows have been bringing people together on the screen and in their homes since the early 50s. While those that are playing in the game are competing against each other, families and friends at home watching are connecting and cheering them on.

We have two game show themed hybrid events that can bring your teams on the screen and in the office together this Spring Break; Name That Price & Virtual Office Feud.

Name That Price, has your teams guess the prices of popular and unique consumer items from around the US. Each team is bidding in the hopes of collecting the most points so that they can advance and win in the final “Showcase” round.

Virtual Office Feud, has your teams guess the top responses to public surveys. Teams compete in a battle of wits racing to collect as many points as they can. The top two teams with the most points will go head-to-head for victory in the lightning ‘Fast Money’ round.

Spring Break is beneficial for everyone, take some time to recharge your team and yourself with an energizing team experience no one will forget!

Bring the Spring Break fun to your team this spring with a Breakout IQ hybrid team building event. Unifying your teams wherever they are has never been more fun or easy!