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Here’s a DEI Activity Your Team Will Love

Supercharge your DEI Initiatives with BreakoutIQ’s People & Culture Trivia!

BreakoutIQ’s People and Culture trivia game is the perfect complement to your DEI initiatives! This fun globetrotting trivia game is all about celebrating people and cultures the world over. Energize and excite your team as you promote DEI and celebrate diversity in your workplace!

Why People & Culture Trivia?

The content of the People & Culture trivia game perfectly captures the ideas that are at the heart of DEI: that the beautifully complex mosaic of world cultures and the people who inhabit them are worth highlighting and celebrating; that we are all the same; and that no one is worthy of exclusion.

On top of that, all of BreakoutIQ’s trivia games are designed to be inclusive and collaborative. They’re not just for trivia fanatics. The games are structured so that teams have to interact, communicate and work together to answer each question. This means that everyone has a chance to participate and contribute; and that no one is left out.

How Does the Game Work?

The game consists of 4 trivia rounds that are each distinct in topic and structure. The uniqueness of each round keeps things interesting and engaging. Here are the 4 rounds that comprise the People & Culture game:

  • World Holidays: Identify the world’s most popular holidays by their dates and descriptions
  • Metropolis Menu: Name and arrange the world’s largest cities by population size
  • People Who Made History: Match historical achievements to the people who made them
  • Over Under: Identify if we fudged our global stats, and by how much

To add to the excitement, groups are divided into smaller teams of 4-6 for a little friendly competition. Teams earn points by correctly answering as many questions as they can. The team with the highest overall score after 4 rounds is crowned the winner!

4 rounds of trivia is the standard and amounts to a 60 minute event, but you can always reduce the number of rounds if you need a shorter event.

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