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Welcoming New Hires During Grad Season

Grad season is an exciting and challenging time for college students. They have dedicated their time and energy to their chosen degree, missed out on sleep while cramming for tests and are finally ready to branch out into their careers. Newly graduating students bring a fresh outlook and potentially new creative processes to your workflows.

When bringing on several new employees at once, it can be beneficial to hold a team event to introduce everyone. In a hybrid working environment with remote and in office employees, select a team event that can incorporate both groups. 

Fun Ways to Virtually Welcome New Employees

Hosted hybrid team events are the most fun and inclusive way to introduce new hires to legacy employees. There are a few classic virtual games that work well for remote and in office participants:

Hybrid Escape Room

Escape rooms are great for encouraging employees to work together. Creating teams that are half legacy half new can help introduce new hires without singling them out. In escape rooms, you solve a series of challenges designed to test your wits, creativity, and teamwork. Immerse yourself in a web of clues hidden in real music videos, virtual searches, fact-finding quests and riddles.

Hybrid Trivia

Built for all experience levels and skill sets, team trivia is one of the most inclusive team events. Not only can trivia be played from anywhere but it can incorporate a large number of people and teams at one time. It is easy to pick from a wide variety of trivia themes or to customize your own trivia questions.  

Hybrid Game Show

Classic games with a virtual twist, hybrid game shows invoke a little friendly competition among your teams. Some game shows that do well with remote and in office employees include: Office Feud & Name That Price!

Hybrid Scavenger Hunt

Another friendly yet competitive game to welcome in your new grad students, the virtual scavenger hunt. Virtual scavenger hunts are a bit different then your traditional scavenger hunt, but have the same end goal. Hybrid teams complete a series of challenges by searching the web, using items from their own homes or coming up with clever on-the-spot creations! 

Hybrid Icebreaker

When time is limited, a hybrid icebreaker may be the best option for welcoming new hires. Icebreakers are also great for any experience level and skill set. They allow legacy employees and new employees the chance to open up a bit and share a few things about themselves. Icebreakers can be anything from a quick introduction to short mini games.  

Let Breakout IQ do the work for you, select one of several hybrid team building events this grad season to welcome your new hires!