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Hybrid & Remote Team Icebreakers

Icebreakers are a great way to start out a company meeting, open an employee training session and introduce new team members. Icebreakers are team building events that allow remote and hybrid employees to feel more comfortable while sharing mutual interests with their coworkers. 

What is a Hybrid Team Icebreaker?

Hybrid team icebreakers consist of both online and offline elements. This means that employees working remotely can be just as engaged as those working in person at the office. Remote attendees and in office attendees participate through various online applications, the most common being Zoom. 

For remote employees, a team icebreaker event may be the only opportunity they have to meet and engage with those individuals they do not work directly with. Icebreakers can be as short and simple as “Share your name and title”, or they can be more engaging, interactive, fun and productive. 

What are the Benefits of Icebreakers?

Icebreakers are much more than a fun activity for your teams. Participating in icebreakers helps to develop community and empathy among coworkers, enhancing their everyday interactions and workflows. 


Building a community within your company is no easy feat. It takes time and effort to develop and nurture a group of individuals to create a community. When team members feel that they are part of a community, working towards a larger group goal, they are more productive and more creative. Icebreakers can help establish and build on a company community culture. 


Building a strong team that is rooted in the community culture requires empathy. When we can see tasks and deadlines from other’s perspectives, we gain empathy and more understanding of the various hurdles and road blocks each individual goes through. This insight can help improve processes and create a more cohesive workflow between teams and individuals. Icebreakers are one of the tools you can use to help your team members gain that perspective. 


Another vital part of building a community is employee interaction. Icebreakers demand interaction! While often short, icebreakers can draw out laughter, open dialogue and break social barriers all while preventing a siloed work environment. 

What Icebreakers are Good for Hybrid & Remote Teams?

Bring everyone together with fun and inventive hybrid icebreakers. A good icebreaker for hybrid teams has elements that are accessible for both in office and remote team members.

Hybrid Seek & Find

Similar to a “Where’s Waldo”, team members can either compile a collage of various photos or use an already created image to share with the team and see who can find the specific item the quickest. 

Time Machine Icebreaker

Requiring less planning, is the time machine icebreaker. Ask each employee or team where they would go if they had a time machine. Why would they go there? What would they do while they are there? 

There are several icebreakers that would be a perfect fit for a hybrid team event. At Breakout IQ, we have a brand new hybrid icebreaker that is sure to get your teams to know each other better! Learn more about our Get To Know Me Better icebreaker experience and how it can bring your team together.