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Cultivate a Culture of Wellness with a Fun Trivia Game

Add a Dose of Fun to your Company’s Health & Wellness Initiatives

The benefits of a thriving health and wellness program are obvious: it can lower healthcare costs, increase productivity and boost employee morale and loyalty, to name a few. But a program’s success depends significantly on employee participation and engagement. That’s why it’s essential to cultivate a culture of wellness where wellness principles are woven into the fabric of daily work life..

BreakoutIQ’s Health & Wellness trivia game can be a vital tool in that effort while adding a dose of fun to your company’s initiatives. Promote health & wellness principles in a fun gamified setting where participants answer questions about the human body, healthy habits, wellness trends and more. You can even educate your employees about your health & wellness program with a custom round created just for your company.

If you’re holding a presentation, seminar or webinar on health and wellness, this can also be an entertaining way to break things up and add fun activity to your proceedings!

How The Game Works

A standard game consists of 4 distinct rounds:

  • Healthy Eating: Match the nutritional fact to the correct food item
  • World of Wellness: Identify the top countries in the world across 8 different wellness categories
  • Know Your Body: Connect facts about the human body to the relevant body part or organ
  • Over Under: Identify if we fudged our health & wellness stats, and by how much

Groups are divided into smaller teams of 4-6 for a little friendly competition. Teams earn points by correctly answering as many questions as they can. The team with the highest overall score after 4 rounds is crowned the winner!

A 4 round game is 60 minutes, but the number of rounds and event length can be tailored to your needs. 

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