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Use Trivia to Boost your Virtual Fundraiser

Effective fundraising is the lifeblood of charities and nonprofit organizations. Without it, the vital work they perform would not be possible. While there are many strategies to effectively raise money, an essential part of any financial toolchest is the virtual fundraiser. It provides an opportunity to engage with a large group of donors at once – regardless of their location, raise awareness, illustrate an organization’s purpose and efficacy, while all the while raising money. 

But the donors’ time is valuable and it’s important that they be treated accordingly. In addition, their attention can be fleeting. Moving speeches and presentations about an organization’s mission and work can be effective in keeping everyone engaged, but adding some fun and entertainment can show that you respect their time and see them as more than just a source of revenue. This builds goodwill and can go a long way toward getting them to open up their pocketbooks.

BreakoutIQ’s remote trivia game is a terrific way to raise money while keeping everyone engaged, entertained and invested in your fundraising goals. Treat your attendees and donors to an exciting trivia game that’s playable by anyone and enjoyable for everyone. The game is not just for trivia buffs: instead of just knowing the answer to each question, teams have to work together to determine each answer. This can create a lot of lively discussion and more importantly, keep everyone engaged and interested. We’ve seen family and friends gathered around their living rooms as they play, engage and donate from the comfort of their own homes.

A little light competition is thrown in for good measure as teams compete to earn the most points. A prize for the winning team can be a great addition, although it’s not included or required. 

Team can range anywhere from 4-6 people. We can randomly create the teams at the start of the event or they can be predetermined ahead of time.

Our game is professionally run by experienced hosts and is flexible enough to work with almost any event format. It consists of distinct rounds that can slot into any part of an event itinerary. You’ll be able to seamlessly switch back and forth between our hosts and your own presenters. You can present your own content, send out fundraising links, do a raffle, provide fundraising updates and more. And we’ll work with you to coordinate the logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly.

And because we know that budgets can be tight, we’re happy to work with you to accommodate yours.

We have a number of different game themes including our highly rated team building trivia and our popular pop culture trivia. We can also create custom rounds that are tailored to your organization and mission. Reach out to us to find out more about how that works.

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