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Team Building

8 Great Reasons to Use Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

So, you’ve heard about those escape rooms where people have to work together to solve multiple puzzles to, as the name implies, escape the room. Of course, you’ll need to bring yourself and your group to an actual place that holds escape rooms, but what if your team is remote? Is there a virtual solution to your problem? The answer is yes!

Virtual escape rooms are a thing. A virtual escape room is an online version of a physical escape room. It is an interactive adventure game that requires players to solve puzzles, clues, and riddles in order to progress through the game. Just like a physical escape room, the goal is to figure out the mystery and “escape” the room before time runs out.

That said, virtual escape rooms are one of the best games you can ever participate in for team-building purposes. Whether you’re running a business or simply working in a team, here are all the great reasons to consider getting you and your team into one of these virtual escape rooms:

1. Low Cost

Virtual escape rooms are usually much more affordable than their physical counterparts. This makes them a great option for teams on a budget. Additionally, there is no need to travel, so teams can save on transportation costs.

3. Flexibility

Virtual escape rooms can be easily tailored to fit the needs of the team. From the themes and puzzles to the length of the game, teams can customize the escape room to fit their team-building objectives.

3. Increased Engagement

Unlike traditional team-building activities, virtual escape rooms provide an immersive and interactive experience that is sure to keep everyone engaged. The puzzles and tasks within the game require teams to work together and think outside the box.

4. Fun and Exciting

Escape rooms are a great way to break the ice and get everyone in the team-building spirit, and going virtual simply allows for even more creative puzzles and challenges. These challenges within the game are sure to spark some friendly competition, while the puzzles will require teams to use their creative problem-solving skills.

5. Improved Communication

Virtual escape rooms require teams to communicate and collaborate in order to solve the puzzles. Without it, failure is guaranteed. This encourages teams to develop their communication skills and learn how to work together better.

6. Stress Relief

Virtual escape rooms provide a great way to take a break from the day-to-day stresses of work. The puzzles can help to distract from work-related stress, while the team-building activities can help to create a sense of camaraderie.

7. Increased Productivity

While they may seem like a waste of time, the fact is that virtual escape rooms can help to increase productivity. By breaking up the day with fun team-building activities, teams can come back to work feeling refreshed and energized.

8. Easy to Set Up

Virtual escape rooms require minimal setup. All that is needed is a computer and a link to the game. This makes them a great choice for teams with busy schedules or limited resources.


All in all, virtual escape rooms are a great way to build team spirit and improve communication skills. They are cost-effective, easy to set up, and provide an engaging and interactive experience that is sure to be a hit with any team. So, if you find that your team needs a little extra help to build their teamwork-mindedness, consider hosting a virtual escape room!

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