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Fun Brain Teaser Games for Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building can be tricky to organize, especially when members of the team are scattered across different locations. While there’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction, there are still plenty of ways to keep your team connected and engaged.

For instance, fun brain teaser games are an excellent way to bring virtual teams together and keep their minds stimulated.

Here are some great brain teaser games for virtual team building that you can try.

  1. Team Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords are one of the classic brain teaser games, and they’re a great way to encourage collaboration and problem-solving among team members. You can set up a virtual crossword puzzle game where each team member has to fill in a piece of the puzzle. In the end, the team can check the answers together and compare their results.

  1. Spot The Difference

Spot the difference games are fun, visual brain teaser games that can be played in a virtual setting. Assign one member of the team to be the designer, who will design two pictures with slight differences. Then, the other team members have to spot the differences as quickly as possible.

  1. Rebus

Rebus puzzles are a great way to test your team’s problem-solving skills. Rebus puzzles involve a combination of words and images that have to be combined to form a phrase or sentence. The team can work together to decode the puzzle and figure out the answer.

  1. Riddles

In a classic brain teaser game, riddles can be a great way to get your team thinking. Ask the team to come up with a riddle and then have each member take a turn to guess the answer. This can be a great way to get everyone interacting and having fun.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

This game is an old favorite that can easily be adapted for virtual team building. To start, divide the team into smaller groups and give each group a list of items to find. These items can be specific objects or clues that lead to a larger puzzle. For example, the team might have to find a specific type of plant or a website with a special offer.

For added difficulty, you can set a time limit for each group to find the items. Once all the items are found, the team can come together to solve the puzzle. 

  1. Virtual Escape Room

This is a perfect way to test your team’s problem-solving skills. Create a virtual escape room with a series of puzzles for the team to solve. Puzzles can range from riddles to hidden objects and even word puzzles. The team has to work together to solve the puzzles in order to “escape” the room. 

  1. Pictionary

This classic game is a great way to get the team thinking and having fun. You can divide the group into two teams, and each team takes turns drawing pictures and guessing words. The team that guesses the most words correctly wins the game.

For a virtual spin on the game, you can use an app such as Drawize or Skribbl.io. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few fun brain teaser games that can be used for virtual team building. Brain teaser games provide a great way to engage team members in a fun and creative way and help to develop relationships between team members, improve communication, and foster collaboration.

If you’re looking for fun virtual team-building activities you can try, check out BreakoutIQ. We can help you connect your teams wherever they may be through easy, engaging activities. Contact us today for more information.