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7 Things Your Company Can Do to Retain Remote Workers

Nowadays, in the “new normal,” several organizations have determined that remote work offers enough benefits to make it a permanent part of their operations. Remote employment has also been found to attract and retain talent, especially in a tight labor market.

Because high staff turnover can be costly, retention rates are an important indicator of employee dedication. Remote employment encourages applicants, but keeping desirable employees content necessitates a more novel approach.

Read on to discover the seven things your company can do to retain remote workers.

Subsidize Remote Work Expenses

Consider subsidizing your workers’ office supplies, equipment, Internet connectivity, and other resources. This idea should apply to remote workers as well, but according to a poll, more than half of employees are not allowed to take office equipment home, and one-third of uncompensated remote workers must purchase their own equipment.

A reimbursement strategy can help businesses comply with local labor rules while also meeting the needs of remote employees.

Establish a Welcoming and Inclusive Workplace

Although remote employment affords some independence, many employees favor flexibility over pay. According to one survey, 72% of workers would leave if they did not have a flexible schedule. 

Changing work practices to reflect this can help retain employees. This is required for critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. For example, allow employees to set their own hours as long as critical client or team meetings are adhered to. Foster an open workplace culture where employees’ health and happiness matter and where they can feel safe and comfortable expressing their views.

By having a welcoming and inclusive workplace, companies may also reduce conflict, division, and turnovers.

Create Talent and Career Development Programs

Career advancement is an excellent way to keep valuable personnel. LinkedIn reports that 94% of staff would stay if their employer invested in their professional growth.

Development initiatives should serve the organization’s mission. Training, mentoring, networking, special projects, and coaching seminars are all essential approaches to professional development.

A clear career path shows employees that they have a future with the organization. This encourages long-term employment.

Execute an Innovative Branding Plan

Branding, as it turns out, is impactful and has become increasingly important among employees. According to LinkedIn, strong employer brands reduce turnover by 28%. Employee retention and motivation depend on the communication of a company’s image. With better branding, a company may save half the cost of recruiting, making it worthwhile.

Streamline Performance Evaluation and Feedback Delivery

Employee retention tactics rely heavily on feedback, and most employees enjoy giving it. It is required because remote workers frequently feel disconnected from their management, making it even more critical. Allow remote personnel ample opportunities to provide feedback on the organization and their job.

One thing worth noting is that employees who feel heard are more likely to perform than those who do not feel heard or empowered. As such, feedback must be gathered and acted on as best as possible.

Build a Recognition and Rewards System

Top performers should always be recognized and rewarded. The majority of American workers think they are not recognized or valued, indicating that the majority of businesses can improve in this area.

Create a compensation plan that is in line with the company’s aims and values, and have periodic virtual team meetings to recognize top achievers. Building a recognition and rewards system will entice workers to stay and help companies retain talented employees.

Reevaluate and Enhance Employee Benefits

Competitive benefits packages can considerably reduce attrition. Businesses must adjust to employee demands as the labor market changes. Aside from healthcare and insurance, modern workers want financial assistance, mental health support, and more paid time off.


Nowadays, companies should strive hard to retain their employees. From subsidizing work expenses to fostering a healthy workplace, and rewarding talented employees, the work falls on companies to ensure that their employees are motivated and happy to come to work and perform at their best.

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