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Boost Your Team’s Morale with Interactive Virtual Game Shows

Game shows can make a perfect activity that uniquely engages people. This innovative approach can be highly beneficial for businesses, helping to keep employees motivated, engaged, and excited about their job. Not only does playing a game show help develop team dynamics, but it can also make for an enjoyable break from the day-to-day office routine. 

Learn some interactive game shows; from virtual scavenger hunts to on-site trivia competitions, plenty of creative game show ideas will buzz your corporate events!

1. Virtual Jeopardy

Virtual Jeopardy is an online interactive game show in which teams of up to 4 people can play. The game is a virtual version of the classic game show Jeopardy, featuring multiple-choice questions on science, history, and pop culture topics. Players must answer questions correctly to earn points and ultimately become the winner of the game.

The game is customizable, too, allowing teams to tailor the questions and difficulty levels to fit their needs best. This will enable teams to target specific knowledge gaps or areas of improvement. 

2. Word Puzzle Challenge

The challenge involves players solving word puzzles by brainstorming answers and discussing them with their team members. Players will get the opportunity to exchange ideas, collaborate on solutions, and develop creative approaches to problem-solving.

This game allows teams to work in a creative environment while remaining focused on the task. As teams strive for victory, they learn to appreciate teamwork and the importance of motivating each other toward success.

3. Virtual Family Feud

This game show is based on a popular TV show and can be played remotely. It creates a fun and friendly atmosphere where people can get to know each other better and have a great time. The game requires players to answer survey questions with the most popular responses from a selected group of respondents, similar to the original TV game show.

Additionally, it encourages collaboration amongst members as they strategize and work together to develop the best answers to the questions presented in the game. Virtual Family Feud is a great way to pass some time and can also help build relationships and boost morale within teams.

4. Spin the Wheel

The game show is designed to foster camaraderie and collaboration among teams and to have fun while doing it. It consists of a wheel-like structure with various tasks or activities such as trivia questions, physical challenges, creative problem-solving tasks, and more.

 Each player chooses a task as the wheel is spun and must work together to complete it. This encourages team members to support one another, develop innovative solutions, and think outside the box.

5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a competition where teams work together to complete tasks within a set time limit. Teams must use problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to complete each task.

Tasks may require researching answers online, taking selfies of team members in various locations, or utilizing craft items or props. When all tasks are completed, teams submit their answers and wait for the results to be announced.


If you want to ensure that your team performs its best, then fostering their morale through a fun yet informative game show is an effective way to do so. This can keep them motivated and provide them with the necessary tools for maximum productivity. With a bit of creativity, you can always come up with new and exciting ideas to engage your employees positively.

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