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6 Effective and Innovative Ways to Retain Remote Employees

Regardless of your business’s size or industry, you must remember that employee retention is crucial to running a successful company. It helps create a healthy work environment, an engaged workforce, and better company culture and boosts customer satisfaction. This step is especially crucial when many employees participate in the Great Resignation. 

Even if you have a remote or hybrid setup, employers should make an effort to keep their employees happy and engaged. While you may not offer them your best snacks and refreshments like in physical offices, you can show them that you care by providing flexible working hours and keeping communication lines open. 

This article will tackle what you should know about remote work and six ways to keep your remote workers engaged. 

What You Should Know About Remote Work

While employers who support remote or hybrid working environments have a competitive advantage for employee retention, you must remember not to rely solely on this benefit. You should also continue to implement employee retention strategies in the future. Around 94% of workers want to work remotely at least once a week, and 28% want to work from home daily. 

How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

After discussing a vital note about remote working environments, here are six ways to keep your best employees.

  1. Let Everyone Work Asynchronously 

An asynchronous working schedule lets employees accomplish their tasks at their most comfortable and productive times while working towards a common goal. It also won’t let them adhere to a rigid schedule so everyone can contribute effectively, regardless of location. Moreover, it enables employers to find the best talents worldwide. 

You should always ask your employees questions about their motivation and engagement before implementing this work model because it requires trust. 

  1. Integrate a Remote-First Working Model

Implementing a remote-first approach to your workplace means that a remote working environment is a top preference for employees. It indicates that digital workspaces are the primary places to work, and you should organize all meetings through video conferencing, regardless of who’s working on site. That way, you can emphasize that you value all employees irrespective of location. 

It also dismisses the idea that employees will be disadvantaged in developing opportunities and relationships. 

  1. Create a Strong Remote Work Culture 

A thriving remote work culture needs planning and translating the on-site culture to the digital space, such as staying connected, creating a sense of fun, and making everyone feel valued. You can encourage employees to hold weekly one-on-one meetings, remote team-building activities, and virtual yoga or meditation sessions. Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Chat can also ensure efficient communication. 

  1. Prioritize Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

You can promote a healthy work-life balance in your online or hybrid company by encouraging team members to switch off notifications outside working hours, not rewarding over time, and not contacting staff on personal devices. It’s also especially true because some countries passed laws prohibiting bosses from talking to staff after hours.

  1. Make Company Details Easily Accessible 

Whether you have remote or asynchronous teams, you must know that documentation processes are essential. They help save time from searching for information. You can make information more easily accessible to your team by investing in document management systems, file sharing, project management tools, and wikis. 

  1. Give a Home Office Budget 

Set a budget for your remote team to purchase equipment for their home offices. Ensure to log all purchases in your asset register so you can recover them at any time. Ergonomic equipment can boost work-from-home employees’ productivity and well-being.


You must still implement employee retention strategies despite not having a physical office to stay competitive. Hosting yearly remote team-building activities and using the latest technologies can help you succeed as an online company. 

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