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How You Can Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace Set-Up

Team building is a great way to build trust in a virtual workplace. As a remote team manager, you must rely on your team members’ communication skills as much as their technical expertise. Team-building activities allow you and your employees to get to know each other better and build trust through shared experiences.

There is a lot of evidence that team-building activities can improve the performance of virtual teams. In one study, researchers found that employees who participated in a team-building exercise were more likely to trust each other and work together successfully than those who did not.

This article will look at some of the best team-building activities for virtual teams.

The Demand for Remote Workers

The demand for remote workers has been on the rise in recent years. This is partly due to changes in how businesses operate, as well as the increasing availability and affordability of the tools and technologies needed to support a remote workforce. As a result, more and more companies are turning to remote workers to help fill positions that would otherwise require on-site personnel.

The increase in demand has also had an impact on the way companies hire and manage remote workers. This has created a need for new team-building activities and communication tools to help remote workers feel more connected to each other and their organization.

Ways to Build Trust In Virtual Workspace

Building trust is a critical component of any team. It’s essential for success and is especially important when you’re working with people who don’t share the same physical space or even time zone. Here are some ways you can build trust in your virtual workspace:

  • Hire the Right People

People with the same values, work ethic, and goals are more likely to build strong team relationships. They’ll also be more effective at collaborating and completing projects. Make sure that they understand and be eager to maintain the trust-based environment in your company.

  • Make Communication a Normal Thing

Encourage each team member to communicate regularly, either via email or in a group chat. If you have a virtual workspace, ensure everyone has access to video conferencing tools to jump on calls when needed quickly.

  • Practice Transparency 

Being transparent with your team is an essential part of building trust. You can share information about the company’s goals and progress on important projects. You should also let everyone know what they can expect from you as a leader, such as when you’ll be available for meetings or online chats.

  • Use Team-Building Activities to Foster Unity in Your Remote Team 

Team building activities can help your remote team feel closer, even when they’re not physically present. You can use these activities to improve communication and collaboration between team members and build trust in one another.


Team-building activities can be a great way to bring your virtual team together. They can help build trust and improve communication between team members, leading to better performance.

If you’re looking for fun ways to get your remote workers together, fun virtual team-building activities can be a great way to do so. BreakoutIQ can help you build your team and improve communication between remote workers. We’re a leading provider of virtual team-building activities that can be used in any situation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a strong, unified team.