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8 Tips to Help You Stay Connected with Your Remote Team

The pandemic’s drastic effects forced many companies to shut their physical doors and adapt to the virtual world. This dramatic change eventually led to the rise of virtual offices. An online company can help you save money and ensure employee productivity. 

However, like other things, this new office style also has drawbacks. It can be challenging for employers and workers to maintain a sense of culture and connection. Fortunately, thanks to technological advances, companies can implement a regular remote team-building program to foster healthy relationships with fellow employees.

From being more empathetic to renting a co-working space for employees in the same area, this article will enumerate eight best tips to stay connected with your remote team. 

  1. Be Flexible and Understanding 

Life isn’t always predictable, and there will be times when your plans won’t go as expected. While getting upset and frustrated may be easy and valid during difficult times, you shouldn’t let it get the best of you. 

For this reason, you should be more understanding and show some flexibility. You should look for ways to make working from home easier for your team, like allowing flexible hours or letting them take breaks during the day to take care of their tasks. That way, your employees can be more productive and efficient. 

  1. Trust Your Team to Accomplish Their Tasks

Like other things, trust is essential between employers and remote workers. Never micromanage them because they can feel you don’t have faith in them. Instead, you should focus on the results you want them to achieve and show them that you believe in their capabilities. 

  1. Implement Your Leadership Style

What may work in a physical office may not be ideal for a virtual workspace. When managing a remote team, you must adjust your leadership style to fit the online setting and establish a strong team dynamic. Situational leaders can benefit remote work environments by adapting their leadership styles to suit different employees’ personalities, working styles, and needs. 

  1. Schedule Regular Check-Ins 

Being a responsible manager means fostering connections and support among your team. You can regularly connect with them through video conferencing, phone calls, or emails. You should also dedicate spaces on your company’s messaging platforms like Slack, Google Chat, or Microsoft Teams, where workers can ask questions, chat, and share ideas. 

Moreover, you can set up weekly one-on-one meetings with each team member to stay updated on projects, build trust, and offer needed support. That way, your team can get peace of mind because you’ve created a safe and open virtual space for dialogue. 

  1. Recognize Your Team Members

You can boost your team’s morale and create a solid virtual connection by applauding them for their hard work, showing appreciation, and recognizing them for their contributions. 

  1. Turn Acquaintances into Friends 

You can bring team members together by letting them work with other people that they don’t usually work with daily. This remote team-building activity will help everyone stay updated with their work. 

You can form cross-functional teams to collaborate on projects and tasks. You may also ask them to hold virtual happy hours or lunch-and-learns so everyone can know each other better.

  1. Organize a Remote Team Building Activity 

You can let workers have fun by hosting remote team-building activities like cooking classes, coffee breaks, and online scavenger hunts. 

  1. Rent a Co-working Space for Employees Working in the Same Area

Renting a co-working space can let your employees work close to each other and help them to avoid feeling isolated. It can also promote team bonding if you can afford the entire team’s rent.

The Takeaway 

Don’t let the physical limitations stop you from connecting with your remote team. Modern technology allows you to host fun remote team-building activities and foster a better company culture.

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