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7 Crucial Life Lessons You Can Learn from Escape Rooms

Learning life lessons is essential to becoming a responsible adult. They will help you make more rational decisions, cope better with stress, and establish meaningful relationships with others. They also help you learn from your mistakes and become more resilient. 

While you can learn from webinars, blogs, podcasts, and books, you can become even wiser by booking escape rooms with your friends. They’re a fun and educational activity that teaches players communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. 

If you want to become more mature and confidently face adulthood, this article will enumerate some life lessons you can learn from escape rooms.

1. Teamwork Will Always Make the Dream Work 

You can beat the escape rooms by uniting with other team players and using everyone’s skills, strengths, and interests to develop creative solutions. Teamwork also means combining everyone’s ideas and resources to find the best solutions. 

Moreover, it can help everyone stay focused and motivated to complete the puzzle within the time limit. Additionally, collaboration skills can help you succeed in the real world. 

2. Learn to Speak up Whenever Necessary

Communication is crucial to beating the escape rooms; you can’t solve a puzzle by keeping quiet. All team members must communicate their ideas and discoveries so everyone can collaborate to get out of the room. 

Besides being essential in the game, proper communication skills are also necessary for real life. Expressing yourself can help start conversations, build relationships, and avoid misunderstandings. 

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Many people hesitate to express their ideas because they fear others may laugh at them. However, your creative thinking could pull your team out of a sticky situation, especially if you only have limited time in an escape room. 

Every item in the room can provide clues to solve the puzzle, requiring you to think differently and connect the dots to get the desired outcome. It’s also applicable to your daily life because some situations require creative thinking to help you find a successful solution.

4. Always Use Good Judgment 

Many escape rooms will have items that will distract you from solving the puzzle, and it’s your choice to determine what’s essential and what you should ignore. 

In the real world, you must make many decisions that will define you and the memories you create. While some options may not always give you the desired outcome, remember that the choice is yours. 

5. Pay Close Attention to Details 

Escape rooms require players to pay attention to detail to find the clues to help them escape. You must stay alert and work with your team to discover all props’ purpose and connect the dots to solve the puzzle. 

6. Never Quit

In an escape room, you must always make the most of the time there and collaborate with others to solve the puzzle. Take breaks when needed, and don’t quit if you fail. 

However, if you don’t leave on time, reflect on what you could’ve done differently. That way, you can be more prepared next time. 

7. Seek Help When Needed

While you can handle many tasks in an escape room, remember you’re human and can only take so much. For this reason, you should never feel ashamed to ask for help. 

While you can get help from the game master, don’t overdo it by asking too many questions. You can also ask your teammates for support but are still responsible for finding the answers. Moreover, taking the initiative and trying to uncover the necessary resources can help you succeed in the game and in life. 


Sometimes, the best life lessons come from the most unexpected places. You can develop the necessary skills and become a successful adult by booking escape rooms with your family and friends. 

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