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Online Escape Room

How You Can Prepare for an Online Escape Room – Part 2

Are you ready to tackle the next challenge in your virtual escape room journey? In the first article, we began exploring how to prepare yourself for the virtual escape room experience. Now, we will continue the conversation and uncover more tips and tricks to help you optimize and maximize the fun you will have.

By understanding the unique elements of an online escape room, you can leverage the tips and tricks we’ll discuss to make the most of your time. So let us dive in and get started!

Understand the Layout 

Upon starting an online escape room, you will first notice whether the puzzles are linear or nonlinear. The former is more straightforward and logical, requiring players to solve one puzzle before moving on to the next.

On the other hand, nonlinear puzzles are more open-ended and often need players to develop creative solutions to reach their goals. Understanding the difference between these two types of puzzles can help you decide which escape room best fits your needs and preferences.

Linear puzzles allow players to move through the game at their own pace since they can only progress when correctly solving the current puzzle. It makes them great for players who like a more structured experience and are looking for a challenge.

Nonlinear puzzles, on the other hand, are more open-ended, allowing players to take different paths and explore different solutions. It makes them great for players who like a more creative and exploratory experience.

Take Notes

Taking notes while you play a virtual escape room is an excellent way to increase your chance of success. Writing down key facts, clues, and observations as you go can help you keep track of the details and ensure you get everything necessary. It can also help you remember the order in which you solved puzzles and the steps you took to get to the solution.

When taking notes, it is essential to be organized and detailed. Try to include as much information as possible, such as the order in which puzzles were solved, the clues you used, and any patterns you noticed. It will help you quickly refer to your notes if you need to review a particular step.

It is also necessary to be concise and keep your notes short and to the point. Doing this will make them easier to read and understand. Write down only the most essential facts and clues, and avoid writing down irrelevant information.

Finally, review your notes at the end of the game. Doing this will help you identify any mistakes you may have made and help you understand the game better. It can also help you plan your strategy for the next time you play.

Be a Team Player 

Sharing information is critical to success when it comes to escape rooms. Even if the information you have is not essential, it could be the missing piece of the puzzle that the rest of the team needs to move forward. Keeping the information to yourself could unknowingly hinder your team’s progress.

In addition to not sharing information, it is equally important that everyone in the room works together. If you are the one who notices something, make sure to communicate it to the rest of the team and ask for their input. Everyone in the group has a unique perspective that could help solve the puzzles.


Following the tips and strategies above will help you to win and have a great time while playing a virtual escape room. It is important to remember to keep the game enjoyable by communicating with your team, staying organized and focused, and, most importantly, taking your time and solving the puzzles. You can have a successful and fun escape room experience with the right attitude and strategies.

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