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7 Unique Mixology Ideas for Your Next Virtual Work Party

As remote work becomes the new normal, virtual parties, have become increasingly popular. While online games, virtual trivia, and other office virtual games can be fun, a cocktail party is an excellent way to bond with remote colleagues. With the right mixology ideas, you can create a memorable virtual experience for your team. Here are some fresh mixology ideas for your remote team’s virtual party.

1. Cocktail Kits

One way to make sure everyone is on the same page is by sending cocktail kits to everyone’s home. The kit can contain everything needed to make the cocktail, including the alcohol and mixers. This idea is not only fun but also a great way to show your team that you care about their well-being. You can choose a specific cocktail, or you can let everyone choose their own cocktail from a list of options.

2. Virtual Mixology Class

Another great way to bond with your remote colleagues is by taking a virtual mixology class together. Many mixologists offer virtual classes that teach participants how to make a variety of cocktails. You can choose a specific class or pick a mixologist who offers a range of classes. Not only will you learn how to make cocktails, but you will also have a fun time doing it together.

3. Cocktail Recipe Contest

A cocktail recipe contest is an excellent way to get everyone involved and showcase their creativity. Encourage your team members to submit their favorite cocktail recipes before the party. During the party, everyone can make their cocktail and show it off to the group. The team can vote on the best cocktail, and the winner can receive a prize.

4. DIY Cocktail Bar

A DIY cocktail bar is an excellent way to add some fun and creativity to your virtual party. You can create a list of ingredients and let everyone make their own cocktails. This idea is perfect if your team members have different tastes or if you want to encourage creativity. You can also add a competition element by having everyone vote on the best cocktail.

5. Virtual Tasting

If you want to try something different than your typical fun virtual games for work, a virtual tasting can also be a great way to bond with your team. You can choose a specific type of alcohol, such as whiskey, and have a tasting together. Another great idea is to ask everyone to bring their favorite bottle and share their thoughts on the different flavors.

6. Non-Alcoholic Options

Not everyone drinks alcohol, and it’s important to make sure everyone feels included. You can provide non-alcoholic options such as mocktails or virgin cocktails. This idea is perfect if you have team members who don’t drink or if you want to make sure everyone can participate.

7. Virtual Happy Hour

A virtual happy hour is a great way to end the week and bond with your remote colleagues. Set a time and date, and encourage everyone to bring their favorite drink. You can also add some fun activities such as trivia or games.


A virtual cocktail party is an excellent way to bond with your remote team. With the right mixology ideas, you can create a memorable experience for everyone. You can try cocktail kits, virtual mixology classes, cocktail recipe contests, DIY cocktail bars, virtual tastings, non-alcoholic options, and virtual happy hours. Whatever idea you choose, make sure everyone feels included and has fun together.

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