Frequently Asked Questions

+ Trial Info

+Do you support international teams?


Our game content is designed to be inclusive and not grounded in any particular locale or geography.

With international teams having fewer available time slots where teammates may be able to hop on a video conference together, we limit required synchronous time to 15 minutes every 2 weeks, minimizing disruption to your regular working schedules.

+Is there a minimum group size?

Typically we recommend having at least 15 to 20 people participating to create a fun and light-hearted competitive environment, and also give some latitude for people to not participate every week if they’re busy. However, the minimum group size that we would work with could be as low as 8 people

+Are there prizes?

We don’t provided prizes, but you are encouraged to do so if you feel that will improve participation! Past clients have done everything from providing swag to allowing winners to choose a charity for a company sponsored donation

+ Pricing and Value

+How do I convince my team this is worth it?

If you think culture and teambuilding is important, you’ll find this to be a steal! For $30 / person / quarter, each participant will get 1) up to 1.5 hours of 1-to-1 interaction with 5 to 6 other people, and 2) additional shared experiences with the larger pool of participants. All of this without having to handle any logistics or pay for non-value team-building staples like transport and venue rentals.

+What will my team have to show for it?

Many new individual interactions and relationships, capstoned by participants sharing something that they appreciate about their partners after each challenge.

A shared experience across geographies that everyone can look back on, with pictures and media that will last well past their experience.

A commitment to connection as a core part of culture.

+ The Activity

+How do you submit challenges?

Most challenges will be submitted using a survey form tool on our website. When you receive a challenge email, it contains a link to the survey which will have instructions alongside a submission page. The submissions might be text based or media based depending on the week.

+Does everyone do it at the same time?

No. Each pair will hopefully solve their challenge together, and they only have to do it before the end of the week. It doesn’t matter when each pair schedules time together.

+What other examples do you have?

So many!

Creative challenges: tell stories about your company values, write sappy poems about your company, or make a 1950’s radio ad.
Trivia: Guess the common connection between sets of words, sound out what a set of pictures is telling you.
Puzzles: crack a spy’s code using the NYC subway system map or solve the mystery of your crazy night in Vegas with only a few polaroids