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How It Works

Pre-Trial: When you’re ready to start your trial, we begin our quick and easy onboarding process.

Trial: After a week to onboard your team (allowing people to opt-in for maximum initial participation), we deliver 2 challenges across 2 weeks. Participants rate each challenge, and we’ll share those ratings, as well as overall participation rates, with you after each challenge.

Post-Trial: Towards the end of the trial we have a conversation to see if you’d like to continue with our service. If so, Coffee Break Contest moves to delivering a challenge every 2 weeks (instead of weekly).

Types of Challenges You See

In 2 weeks, you’ll be able to onboard your team and get a great understanding of how CBC works, what sort of variety the challenges have, and how the service will positively impact your culture! Here are some example of the type of fun you see with your team (following an initial week of onboarding!):

Get Creative!

Start with something simple
and bound to create a few laughs!

What costumes can you and a partner
make with desk supplies?

Cersei Lannister and her glass of wine



Take on Some Trivia!

Switch it up with a chance to use
your wits and deductive ability!

You’ve crash landed on the moon 30 miles from a lunar outpost… what items will you take from your spaceship to help you survive?


Build on Your Values!

Get back to the creatives,
but take a moment to appreciate your team:

Share your favorite coworker stories tied to a company value, then represent them visually!


What Else You Get

  • Challenge recaps that spark conversation
  • Compilation of 1-to-1 kudos given between partners
  • Regular score updates that get players excited

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