Onboarding Your Organization

We make things simple for you, so your team can have more fun faster.

Here is how you would start your free trial!

Step 1 – Provide some basic info

Fill out the form on our free trial page to either start your trial right away, or to set up a 15-minute phone call with us to walk through details of the program!

Upon starting, participants will only need to provide their name and email.*

* See how we protect your data in our privacy policy

** Other sign up methods available for special cases or small teams



Step 2 – Introduce Coffee Break Contest to your team!

After signing up, we send you an email / Slack template that you can use to share what CBC is all about with your team, and to give them an opportunity to opt-in.

If you’re able to make an announcement at an upcoming all-hands or team meeting, that’s even better!

See here for talking points and slides to help you present internally!


Step 3 – Sit back and let it fly!

We email everyone that enrolled with details on what to expect and instructions on how to get started.

Every 2 weeks, teams receive their new challenges straight from us. You don’t have to do anything – just encourage sign-ups and participation as much as you can!




Step 4 – Let us know how it’s going

We’ll check in with you towards the end of your trial period to confirm we’re meeting your expectations.

After your trial is over, we can continue to provide your team with engaging and interactive challenges for as long as you like, at an affordable rate! Coffee Break Contest really builds value the longer you stay in the program.