Get To Know Me:

An Unforgettable Icebreaker Experience!

Breaking The Virtual Ice Has Never Been This Fun!

Unlimit and Unleash Your Remote Team’s Potential!

  • A corporate icebreaker experience that’s maximum fun without the usual awkwardness
  • Your team will love talking, sharing and learning about each other
  • 4 rounds of games and activities where everyone will gladly open doors and create connections

All 'Get To Know Me' Events Include

Large Group Support

Up to 300 people in one session! Your team will be placed in smaller groups for some fun ‘get to know you’ activities!

Professional Hosting

Your team just shows up, and our facilitators take care of them from start to finish!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day, and will work with you to find the best fit for your agenda

What to Expect from your ‘Get To Know Me’ Experience

The group signs onto Zoom with our facilitators for a brief verbal intro. 
The game consists of 4 diverse rounds where teammates interact and get to know each other in fun and interesting ways
Team activity Round 1: Teams of 5-6 each are sent to independent virtual breakout rooms to complete a 2-part scavenger hunt that’s about finding items that say something about each individual. For the second part, the teams are redistributed so that everyone can interact with new people. Then they complete the rest of the scavenger hunt.
Round 2: Everyone stays in the main session and turns off their cameras. Then they answer a bunch of yes or no questions in the form of “Have you ever _______.” Anyone who answers “yes” turns on their camera to reveal who they are and, in some cases, are asked to elaborate on their answer.
Round 3: Everyone is divided into rotating groups of 2-3 and sent to breakout rooms where they ask each other a series of quick interview-style questions designed to get up close and personal
Round 4: Everyone stays in the main session and answers lightning-round style questions on what they learned about their colleagues during the activity

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