Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The hunt for Halloween thrills begins here!

A Frightfully Exciting Virtual Adventure!

Scare up some team building fun!

  • Complete a series of Halloween-themed challenges by searching the web, using items from your own home or coming up with clever on-the-spot creations!
  • Franticly race against the clock to complete the most challenges and collect the most points!
  • Try to outpace the competition and stay on top of the leaderboard!
Game Themes

The Masters of Thrill!

Get pulled into a chilling underworld of classic movie thrillers, haunted real-world locations, costumes, decorations and all manner of spooky Halloween fare! Work in teams to vanquish your foes and earn the title of The Masters of Thrill!

All Halloween Scavenger Hunt Events Include

Large Group Support

Up to 600 people in one session! Your group will be placed in teams of 5-6 people for some friendly competition!

Professional Hosting

Your team just shows up, and our facilitators take care of them from start to finish!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day, and will work with you to find the best fit for your agenda

What to Expect from your Halloween Scavenger Hunt Experience

Virtual experience The group signs onto Zoom with our facilitators for a brief verbal intro
Team activity Teams of 5-6 each are sent to independent virtual breakout rooms to complete a series of challenges. 
The challenges are divided into three 10 minute rounds in the categories of discovery, creativity and trivia. Teams return to the main session after each round for a recap and score update.
Each round is hosted on our platform and accessed through web links (no prior installation or login required)
Team activity and collaboration Teams collect points as they try to solve as many challenges as they can in the time allotted. 
Our hosts are on-hand to answer questions and provide hints throughout the activity
After a final recap at the end, the team with the most points is revealed as the winner!

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