How a BreakoutIQ Company Trivia Activity Works

BreakoutIQ Offers The Best Trivia For Corporate Teams!

With fast-paced questions to test your brain and fun rounds to keep people engaged, BreakoutIQ’s approach to trivia keeps all the fun stuff about trivia while getting rid of the obscure and mundane. By using rounds that involve problem solving rather than random facts, teammates can pingpong ideas off of each other, giving everyone a chance to contribute. Less pressure + more teamwork = more fun.

How do we achieve this? I’m glad you asked.

1. Easy as 1.2.3

Setup is a breeze. Our hosts will come to you wherever and whenever you need a break in your day.

In about 10 min, our hosts will be hooked up to your A/V system or set up one that we provide. Just like that we’re ready to get into teams.

Start thinking of your team name now, because we’re ready to go!

Building Trivia For Your Team

2. Let’s Get Acquainted

We’ll start the game with a lighthearted round to ease into things. A fun round is a great introduction to the game and to your teammates. Acquainting your team with our style of trivia prepares you for more complicated rounds. It also eases your team into talking with each other, and quickly getting comfortable trading ideas, which will be necessary as the rounds get more difficult.

Let’s Start Simple:
According to Urban Dictionary,
What is the reason why one sock disappears when you do your laundry?
A. Burglar B. Quantum Theory C. Paranoia?
Only your team can decide.

3. A Bit More Puzzling

As the game continues, the rounds get more complex with bonus points available at every turn. Problem-based rounds spark spirited debates. Because everyone thinks in a unique way, different perspectives make a team stronger in TrivIQ. Diversity in a team is celebrated as the strongest teams are the ones who think outside the box.

Scenario Questions: There’s one big problem and many different ways to the answer.

You’ve crash landed on the moon. You have 16 supplies, but can only take 8.
Obviously, you should take water- but where does it rank in order of importance in comparison to the map of the moon?

NASA knows- does your team?

List Questions: Many different answers, but what are the most popular?

We know the top 30 recipes people Googled in 2018. What makes the list? Is it something as simple as eggs? Or should you choose something more trendy, like quinoa? What seems like a straightforward question is actually more complex.

Can you use the search engine in your brain to pick the top 10 most Googled?

You'll Need Your Whole Team For This Triv

4 heads are better than one

4. Office Culture

The personality of your company is an integral part of TrivIQ. By using rounds that are rooted in the unique makeup of your team members, the game becomes grounded in what you encounter everyday. Superlative style questions can celebrate the most adventurous person or bring to light office jokes. These rounds tend to be favorites as they produce the most creative and hilarious answers.

We’ve Split Up Your Team But You All Still Must Be of One Mind.

Do you know your teammates well enough to award superlatives to the group? Only matching answers will be awarded points!

Whose desk is the one where things go, never to be seen again?

Who on your trivia team would be most likely be head of a party planning committee?

5. Let’s Make It Personal

BreakoutIQ can tailor rounds to match your specific event goals. Using a short questionnaire, we select rounds and questions that match your group, your goals, and your personality. By sprinkling in a little bit about you, teams are more engaged and feel more connected to the material in a fun way.

We’ve Scoured the Internet.

We’ve seen your company’s website, social media, and YouTube channel. We know you inside and out.
How many people actually know the exact wording of a popular phrase on your homepage?

Remember that office promo your team did for fun back in 2012? We’ve found it.
What do you remember about it?

We Created These Faux Slogans For Your Marketing Firm.

Your mission: choose a new slogan for your company’s “rebrand.” Only the most popular answer will be awarded points.
A. The one stop shop for all your campaigns.
B. A different kind of market place
C. The matchmaker for you and your customers.
D. Driven by transparency.

Sample Game Sheet

6. Customization All The Way

Some teams want even more; a service we love providing for those who choose our premier, customized game option. Using your input, our BreakoutIQ content wizards will do a deep dive into your company, team, or goals and create rounds specifically for you. Teams will be elated when encountering concepts they see everyday in a completely new and fun scenario. Whether you’re interested in tying trivia into a holiday celebration, driving home team values, or want more of a company presence in your rounds, TrivIQ will be made to meet your specifications.

Look Familiar?
Think you know your company’s lingo?

What if those words are only presented in pictures?
A broken pencil + an arrow pointing out of a box + a thinking brain = BreakoutIQ.
Would you recognize your company name as a pictogram?

Let’s Play the Feud! Survey Says…
Your company has voted! Now it’s the moment of truth.

Can your team guess the most popular answers?
What is the worst lunch you could bring into the office?
How many people actually are underground World of Warcraft players?

7. So How Does It All Go Down?

Our TrivIQ is designed to be fast paced and fun. We’ve eliminated the constant waiting for hosts to ask question after question. Our hosts present each round, take questions, and then set the timer. After that, it’s up to you—five minutes on the clock! With the provided worksheet, your team tackles the problem at hand.

Once time’s up, worksheets are collected and the answers are revealed. Then it’s onto the next round. We don’t make you pause while we score.

As you work on the next round, our hosts grade, providing a seamless experience. We provide updates as the game goes so you have a sense of the standings, but there’s no waiting on us—this game is about you.

Healthy competition driving the fun

High Fives All Around

8. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

In the end, of course, there is a winner. The final round is always a nail-biter; it’s anyone’s game. Whether your group is super competitive or more laid back, the excitement at the end is palpable. With winners announced, and celebration commencing, we snap a quick group photo and you are on your way.

The takeaway? We’ve been told the debates over rounds continue for days. An event that sticks with you: we’d say our job is done here.

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It’s no surprise that TrivIQ is great for bringing corporate teams together. With unique, curated content and a thoughtful game design to include everyone on your team, TrivIQ is sure to be a hit.

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