How a BreakoutIQ Escape Room Works

BreakoutIQ Offers the Best Escape Room Games for Corporate Teams!

Why? Because we’ve designed our immersive experiences to entertain all group sizes with a flexible game setup that can be brought anywhere.

How? No matter which experience you choose, all of our escape rooms ease you in, take you for a ride, and culminate in one massive final challenge that will have your team’s heart pounding and radiating with excitement. Read on to learn more!

1. Let’s Start at the Beginning

Our trained facilitators will start by dividing your group into teams (random, or pre-determined by you) using colorful badges. Once everyone is ready, we will deliver a themed introduction, such as treasure hunting across America or playing detective backstage at the Theater. We’ll also set ground rules and take questions before releasing everyone off into the puzzle-solving race.

You might hear your host say something like:

“These locked boxes contain the final slogan to inherit Sherlock Holmes’ legacy. Be the first to crack open the boxes and shout it out to win the game.”

“Not only will you be racing the clock, but you will be racing each other! Explore the room for clues with your team: every detail matters.”

Start with a great intro to the game!

A Puzzle to Ease You In

2. A Puzzle to Ease You In

Your team starts by completing an intro challenge designed to teach players about the game’s basic structure and room layout. It’s meant to be easily solved while giving teams the tools to be successful in their game play.

Now they can jump into the action playing their way through the basics, rather than listening to a long set of instructions.

You have your first clue. Follow all instructions in order to move on!

Step 1: Look around and record what you see. I count five posters and six locks – learning the room layout not only acclimates you to your surroundings, but it’s the first puzzle on its own!

Step 2: Decode your answers! Once complete, deliver the passphrase to your host: and you’re off!

3. And You’ve Won… a Giant Packet of Clues

After the intro challenge, your team earns a multitude of clues. Divide and conquer or stay together. No matter which approach your team takes, each puzzle will work different senses and areas of the brain.

Between sensory, audio, and visual clues, each member of the team will find their strength, propelling their team forward towards the end.

You may encounter puzzles such as:

A useless box to the naked eye. But sometimes it’s not about what you can see. Reach inside, and let your hands do the rest of the work. I have a feeling you’ll find the code.

Say it out loud with me: “Abe Who Beat Wrap.” Listen closely- what are you really saying? *Answer at the bottom of the page!

Decoders, riddles, and blacklights galore. That’s just a few of our puzzles but there are many more!

Where to begin?

4. Journeying On

As you move through the challenges, you might be tempted to solve them and forget them.

But wait! Clues that once seemed useless suddenly become the key to unlocking the next puzzle. Can you remember what you saw at the beginning when only five minutes remain?

Let’s look back at those first clues you received.

You’ve unlocked a map, now where do you go? Without GPS coordinates, how do you know? Look back…

…to your table! That Sudoku you solved has been lying there the whole time, seemingly pointless. But now, those numbers you filled in suddenly look quite useful. I bet they may help you coordinate your next move.

5. A Race to the Finish!

You’ve solved it all—right? As teams take stock of the items they’ve collected over the course of the game, they suddenly realize their work is not yet done. Suspense builds as teams put their heads together, and attempt to overtake one another in a final race to the finish.

Just when you think you’re done, there’s just one more step.

The secret coordinates add up to 2468! Time to open the final lock for the win: but your attempts are thwarted. One last twist to the game before your team wins! Quick! Think back…

…to the beginning: do you remember what Sherlock taught you? If you do, you know the way to your team’s escape!


No matter how big or small, your group fits perfectly!

6. Ending on a High Note

The clock hits zero and the winners rejoice!

The BreakoutIQ hosts walk everyone through the steps they didn’t get to, uncovering the secrets and preventing you from days spent trying to figure out how it all fit together. Teams celebrate and gather for a group picture.

As SF-based facilitator Ava says, “On three, if you all say ‘Puzzles!’ it would warm my heart.” The rest of us agree.


*Answer to the challenge above: “A Booby Trap”

Interested In An Escape Room For Your Team?

It’s no wonder that escape rooms are so popular for team building. Not only are they fun and engaging, they also provide a potent allegory to better understand yourself, your teammates, and your team as a whole.

At BreakoutIQ, we believe that we’ve built the perfect escape room designed for corporate teams and large groups.

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