How a BreakoutIQ Scavenger Hunt Works

Explore. Discover. Laugh. Create. Grow.  

If that’s what you want for your team, QuestIQ is right for you. Our unique scavenger hunt is full of puzzles, creative photo and video challenges, and trivia to discover in your neighborhood. Whether you choose one of our existing games or have us design one especially tailored to your desired location, theme, or event goals, you’ll have a blast on your Quest. 

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1. Let’s Get It Started

You arrive at your destination full of excitement, unsure what’s going to happen. A friendly BreakoutIQ host awaits you, ready to jump in. 

You and your group split into teams (preassigned or randomly distributed on the spot). Our host launches into a quick introduction to the game and sets you up with everything you need. Our easy-to-use materials and hands on facilitation start everyone on the same level. 

Each Team Will Have:

A map to guide you around the game area

A binder full of challenges

A mobile app to submit your answers

Puzzling over the intro challenge

2. First Stop, Intro Challenge

This warm up challenge gives you a look at all of the materials in hand while you’re still with your host. To complete this simple puzzle, review the game map, familiarize yourself with the challenges, and practice submitting an answer via the in-game app. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and iron out any issues. By completing this challenge with the facilitator’s guidance, everyone starts on a level playing field. Now it’s time to start playing for real. 

You have your first clue. Follow all instructions in order to move on!

Step 1: Areas on the map are highlighted in colors that match the game sheets. All your game sheets have letters—could those be the key to finding the secret phrase?

Step 2: Find the phrase, submit your answer, and get on with your Quest!

3. Aaaand You’re Off!

Now it’s time to choose your own adventure. You leave the launch site and start to explore the game area. As you plan where to go with your team, you curate your journey to your specific strengths and interests. Do you start with complex high-value super challenges, or dive right into taking funny photos? You have so many options along the way.

What are you solving on your Quest? 

Photo/Video challenges capture creative moments

Discover challenges are full of fun facts

I-Spy challenges keep you searching for interesting sights

Super challenges turn your environment into a brain bender!

4. Want To Show Off Your Wacky Ideas? Photo/Video Challenges Are Your Friend

These are always a fan favorite. Photo/video challenges direct you to a specific area to document a silly moment with your team. Stretch your imagination as much or as little as you like. Creative thinkers can show off outside-the-box ideas. Literalists can follow the instructions to a T. Either way, these challenges allow a broad cross-section of players to shine. Teams who let their guard down and interact with each other in a less restricted way often create the best memories. Open up to your teammates by sharing creative ideas. 

Can you work together with your team to show your team spirit?

Find a fountain and recreate the opening sequence from Friends!

Show us your most menacing pirate face in front of a boat!

5. Discover Challenges Help You Do Just That: Discover!

Google won’t help here. Look closely and learn something from the real world around you. No prior knowledge needed; we’ll direct you to all the information you need. Investigate the area together to find the answers. Sharing a discovery with a teammate is a great way to uncover a shared interest. You’ll have something to talk about for weeks afterward.

See something new about something you know!

Can you find the local business with a palindrome hidden in its name? 

A simple answer to the question is what you need to findbut where? Search for the small plaque and it may hold the answer you seek.

6. I-Spy With My Little Eye

I-Spy challenges keep your team alert, engaged, and constantly thinking while you wander the city. As you walk from place to place, the eagle-eyed among you will spot these bits of neighborhood character. Some I-Spys are specific features to notice. Some encourage a dash of creativity. 

Search your path for specific details around you!

Can you find street art without profanity? 

How about a street performer?

7. Maximize Points With Mind-Bending Super Challenges

High value super challenges are a must-do for teams looking to rake in the points. Each Quest has multiple super challenges, each with a different style. Super Challenges turn the world around you into a puzzle. Some test spatial reasoning, others logic, word savvy, or decoding ability. 

These multifaceted puzzles often require more than one mind in action to solve. You’ll need all of your collective brain power and problem solving ability here, along with some sharp observation skills. Things that you breezed past before now have new meaning. How can a bus stop lead you to a statue that reveals a secret phrase? Once you’ve figured it out, waiting for the bus might never be the same. 

Just a plaque with a little bit of history…. or is it something more?

At the WWII Memorial in Battery Park, NY, participants must gather info from the sculptures, memorial walls, and views of the memorial using cryptic hints. Then, use a color-coding system to translate them into the specific memorialized names on the wall that reveal the winning phrase. 

8. The Final Countdown 

With 15 minutes left, a message is sent to your team containing one more cryptic challenge. This last push is an energy booster as you rush to complete it in the final minutes. It brings together all the elements of the game to give you a sense of completion. It’s also a reminder that though the clock is ticking down, it’s still anyone’s game. Teams often use this as a reminder to score as many points as they can before time runs out. 

One last message from your host:

It’s the final push to earn the most points. 

Can you complete this challenge and clinch a win?

9. And The Winner Is…

Upon your return, we’ll announce the winning team and take a group photo. But fear not—this isn’t the end. There are still more laughs to come. Whether our team presents it on the spot or sends it to you later, our slideshow recaps help you reflect upon your journey with your team and live through other teams’ adventures. Tell stories, share a few good-natured taunts, but most of all, smile and laugh.

Scavenger hunts really do bring people together. It has been a good day. 

Interested in a Scavenger Hunt for Your Team?

With every path leading to a  fun, memorable, and constructive team experience, it’s clear why QuestIQ is such a perfect fit for corporate teams. Whether your group is 10 or 1,000, we have a game that’s right for you.

Choose from our games across the San Francisco Bay Area and New York Tri-State Area, or request a new, custom game in or near your office!

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