Outbound Lead Generation

Part-Time, Short Term Commitment - Remote (US Based)

BreakoutIQ is looking for someone to help set up the infrastructure for targeted cold email outreach campaigns for a new product line, followed by launching our initial campaigns.

Currently, BreakoutIQ is transitioning from an in-person team building events business to offering a set of products focused on remote teams and virtual employee engagement.

From 2015 to early 2020, we were one of the leading in person team building event providers in the SF Bay Area, with a smaller NYC-based operation as well.

In late 2019, we began to add products for remote teams to our portfolio. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are building off of some early success with those product lines to fully pivot in that direction.

We are looking for someone to join our team for June and July in a part time capacity to help us build that outbound sales infrastructure and use it to conduct initial outreach campaigns.

While the expectation should be a ~6 week role, with promising initial results there may be an opportunity to continue in this role after.

Our new products:

  • We currently have 2 types of offerings – one time events and ongoing engagement programs
  • One time events: Our only offering right now is a Zoom-based trivia game. We’re hoping to add more in the coming weeks
  • Ongoing engagement programs: We offer a gamified connections program called Coffee Break Contest that pairs people across your team to complete a fun challenge every 2 weeks. We currently have this all on a new website

What we’re looking to achieve with you:

Your role will focus primarily on selling the Coffee Break Contest product. After a quick learning period about our product and audience, your goals will be:

  • Set up the initial infrastructure for outreach campaigns. This includes picking and configuring outreach tools, creating email templates and sequencing (with our help), and target contact list generation (also with help and some already completed).
  • Initiate email outreach to our target contact list(s) to set up demos with our founders or trials with qualified leads.
  • At the end of the 6 week period, we’re hoping to have signed up 20+ clients for our free trial. We’ll also analyze initial results and create suggestions on how we can continue to improve our process.

We understand that a long term focus and time to iterate are important for achieving success with an outbound sales approach. Given our available resources, the primary goal of this short-term role is to bring on someone with prior experience to accelerate the process of setting up an outbound infrastructure and gather initial results to determine if it is something worth investing in further.

Given our project timeline, some considerations and constraints are:

  • We are simultaneously working to consolidate the Coffee Break Contest website and brand under the BreakoutIQ.com umbrella, with 1 unified brand to connect the 2 product offerings. We hope to have this done prior to you sending your first external email.
  • We are working to make the product trial sign up process “self service” so that customers can easily set up their team for a trial in a matter of minutes. Right now, it’s more of a concierge style that requires more time from the client and our own team
  • Our old in person events pages on the BreakoutIQ website are effectively being removed from our website, and will just be a note in our company story and relevant product experience

The Ideal Candidate Will Possess:

  • 4+ years of experience with B2B outbound lead generation experience. Experience at small to medium size startups is a plus
  • Direct experience setting up outbound email campaigns using 3rd party tools like Outreach, Mailshake, YesWare, etc.
  • Experience with creating the copy for a multi-email outreach campaign
  • Experience with setting up the infrastructure for contact list generation given a specific target customer profile
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Past experience related to a similar audience of Culture/HR/People Operations employees (not required)

Job Details:

  • Time Frame: Immediate Start, expected to run for approximately 6 weeks
  • Commitment: 20 hours / week
    • All work will be done remotely, with meetings occurring over Zoom
  • Base Compensation: $650-800 / week (based on experience).
  • Commission Structure: Given our early stage, we’ll offer a competitive commission plan with a low threshold and high commission rate per deal
  • Overall, our Total Target Compensation range is based on a $90k-110k full-time range, which we’ve generated from Glassdoor data for similar roles with 4+ years of experience.
    • The base salary is prorated to a 20 hour work week and adjusted for commission estimates. The estimated base salary:commission ratio is 75:25 if initial goals are hit.

NOTE: Although this role is part-time and has a target end date, you would be added to our team as an employee, not a contractor. That entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

Relevant Experience:

  • Outbound Sales Manager
  • Sales Development Representative or Business Development Representative
  • Growth Marketing
  • Demand Generation

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