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Their remote teams have enjoyed our virtual team building trivia activity

Holiday Team Building Made Easy

In-person, remote, or hybrid teams? Setting up and running holiday events for ANY team couldn’t be easier! Just book with BreakoutIQ and our experienced team will take it from there.

We can even accommodate hybrid teams that have a mix of virtual and onsite participants. Click here to learn how.

The benefits to holiday team building:

  • A great way to celebrate your team’s hard work this year.
  • Your teammates get to know each other outside of work hours.
  • It’s a great morale booster and gives your employees a chance to have fun together.
  • Team members learn how to work as a team and how each person’s individual strengths can come together to overcome challenges.
  • People learn how to communicate with each other and get insight into each person’s unique style of communicating. 

The BreakoutIQ Advantage:

  • We can service in-person, remote, and hybrid teams.
  • All events feature trained, live hosts to keep everyone engaged.
  • No apps to download.
  • We can customize the experience for time and content.
  • No prior knowledge needed to participate.
  • We make team building easy!

All Events Include

Easy Setup

We walk you through the entire process!

Flexible Scheduling

With hosts around the world, we’re available anytime of day!

Professional Hosting

You’re in good hands!


What Our Clients Say

Kimberly, Taylor, Candace, Rick, Bloom, and Fiona were great hosts during our virtual holiday escape room party. The puzzles were challenging! It was nice working with people I don’t message/email on a day-to-day basis. I would recommend this to other companies or other teams wanting to do a fun team-building exercise!

Amanda P.

BreakoutIQ was awesome to work with, specifically Amanda, Dean and Fiona were amazing! We partnered with them to host our year end holiday event for my team of about 35 people and they were so helpful! They were able to make multiple adjustments to fit our needs without any hesitation. I would definitely recommend using them for your virtual events in the future!

Sierra T.

Kimberly, Taylor, Candace, Rick, Bloom and Fiona did a great job setting up a holiday party event. It was well thought out and challenging. Great job!

Sheetal N.

We held the holiday trivia event for our company. Everyone liked the games – it was a fun and festive competition! Amanda, Talyor, Candace, and Jenna were our hosts and did a great job. Thanks!

Hilary S.

This team hosted our virtual holiday trivia event (~90 attendees), and they did a great job. They stayed on time, were organized, helpful and made it fun. I would recommend them!

S. Hooper

Kimberly, Taylor, Candace and Dean were great facilitators! We had a great time during the 3Degrees Virtual Holiday Party

William W.

My team had a great time with Kimberly, Fiona, Ashlynn hosting the holiday escape room. We would definitely book them again.

Chris K.

Great Holiday games! Kimberly, Taylor, Fiona and Bloom did a wonderful job of facilitating the fun. Job well done!

Joseph N.

Dean did a great job with our Virtual Trivia game for our Holiday Happy Hour. He is nice, responsive, jokes along with the team, and gave me confidence in the event being exactly like I wanted it to run…smoothly! Thanks Dean! Merry Christmas!

D. Kasat

Great activity! So fun for a Zoom holiday get-together. Dean and Taylor as well as their other colleagues that helped with our 3Degrees party were super helpful.

Jamie C.

We did the holiday escape room and it was super fun. The game was super holiday themed and well thought out. Very engaging and great for team building. Shout out to Taylor, Fiona, and Mickey and hosting!

Linda C.

Our team had a great time playing through the puzzles, they were generally the right difficulty (none were too easy) and the guides were excellent at jumping in at just the right time giving us hints. Thanks for a wonderful holiday game for our remote team to bond over! Happy Holidays!

Dave H.