How It Works

Play a thrilling brainstorming game with your remote team!

What to Expect

1. Arrive on Zoom and check out the mix of topics to brainstorm

The topics range from silly to creative to practical. You will vote on your favorites and the topic with the most votes overall will be the one that everyone works on for the activity.

2. Meet your teammates for the activity

These are the folks you will collaborating with to develop your final pitch. You can either pre-select your teams or your host can randomize them for you.

3. Everyone starts out on their own by brainstorming an initial set of ideas around the winning topic

This is a chance for you to be as free and creative as you want. We will provide tools for sparking your creativity if you have trouble getting started!

4. Your team the reconvenes, share each others initial ideas, and chooses which one they want to develop

You can either pick your favorite idea, a combination of different ideas or a new one that springs out of your discussion

5. Your team develops its idea and creates a pitch that will be presented to the group

We'll provide tools to help craft an effective pitch, but it will be up to you to bring the wow factor! We'll also tell you the criteria you'll be evaluated on at the end of the activity so you know what you're working towards!

6. Practice your pitch and timing!

You only get 60 seconds so you'll want to make every second count!

7. Present your pitch

This is your only chance to impress everyone with your new innovation, or sell them on your off-the-wall idea!

8. Vote on your favorite ideas across various categories

Everyone becomes a judge and evaluates each team on everything from presentation to creativity and ingenuity

9. Your host tallies the votes and announces the winners of each category

The best minds are rewarded with the sweet sweet taste of bragging rights and hero worship, if you're into that sort of thing

Do you have a hybrid team setup, where some employees are remote and others are in the office? We’ve got you covered!

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