Virtual Trivia Fundraisers

Get your donors excited about giving!

Trivia is the Perfect Foundation For Your Next Fundraiser!

Virtual fundraiser

Engage your Community in Friendly Competition

  • Build enthusiasm for an event packed with fun, humor, and excitement
  • Participants join to support your cause, and stay to take their shot at winning the competition!
  • Reach a wider audience with the virtual format

Learn about our approach to virtual trivia

Raise Money Through Virtual Fundraising



Groups can pre-register as teams competing in the event



In-event featuring of logos, live or video announcements, or sponsor-oriented rounds!



Allow participants to buy raffle tickets to prizes of your choice


Live Donation

Throw in incentives for hitting fundraising benchmarks (e.g., a live virtual lip sync!)

Note: BreakoutIQ does not run or manage the fundraising portion of the event

Tailor the Itinerary to Your Goals

Our event coordinators will work with you to build the best agenda to meet your goals.

  • Custom content to highlight your cause or support sponsors?
  • Space in the agenda for live announcements or video presentations?
  • Space for your leadership to speak directly to the community?

We can make it all happen! We generally recommend 60 to 90 minutes for the event, depending on whether or not you want to have organizer or sponsor announcements during the event.

Sample 90-minute Itinerary

4:45 – 5:00pm – Organizer (that’s you!) and BreakoutIQ host log on
5:00 – 5:10pm – Participants log on. Slideshow with sponsor logos playing
5:10 – 5:15pm – Organizer intro and initial sponsor shoutouts
5:15 – 5:35pm – BreakoutIQ introduces the activity + 1st round of trivia
5:35 – 5:40pm – Organizer or sponsor announcement / videos / slides
5:40 – 5:55pm – 2nd round of trivia
5:55 – 6:00pm – Organizer or sponsor announcement / videos / slides
6:00 – 6:15pm – 3rd round of trivia
6:15 – 6:20pm – Organizer or sponsor announcement / videos / slides
6:20 – 6:25pm – Final winner announced
6:25 – 6:30pm – Organizer close out

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We’ve helped organizations raise as much as $10k+ at their virtual fundraisings event!

“Amazing!!! Would totally use them again. We used them for a 150 person virtual trivia fundraiser and it was flawless! Our hosts and coordinators were awesome. They are worth every penny!

– Kelly Taft, Texas Watch