Escape Room for Holiday Party

Interactive Fun for Your Holiday Party!

A Great ESCAPE Experience

What is an escape room again?

Escape Room Games are widely popular activities that have taken off as a great way for groups to unwind and immerse themselves in a fun-filled, puzzle-based narrative!

Groups are challenged to have fun and solve a mystery together in high energy environment that requires no prior knowledge and offers a continuous series of “A Ha” moments!

Why is this a good holiday party activity?

We’ve seen that companies increasingly want to include an interactive element in their holiday parties to make them more unique and memorable, and escape rooms perfectly fit the build.

With a wide variety of challenges and no prior knowledge required, there’s something for groups across all functions, roles, and backgrounds.

Our facilitators make sure everyone – seasoned problem solver or first timer – is engaged, contributing, and moving towards an exciting finish!

Why BreakoutIQ?

Unlike most Escape Rooms, our portable Escape Experience allows us to come to you. If you have a space large enough, we can set up our game around you.

NO WAITING! We offer a different type of Escape Experience, which allows all of your teams to start at the same time. No need to wait around for your turn. Race your coworkers to the end in an exciting race to see who can be the first to escape!

Don’t worry about missing anything. Our Escape Masters will document your experience during game play so you can be focused on the task at hand- to have FUN!

Sounds great, is this easy to add to my event?

Yes! We simply need a space large enough to hold all of the participants and some time to setup and cleanup on each end of the activity. We’ll work closely with you to make sure the transition in and out of the activity is as smooth as possible

The standard activity is a continuous 90 minutes in one large room, and can also be structured to fit any itinerary and space. For example, the activity can span multiple rooms and participants can hop in and out as they please over the course of the evening.