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Lisa C. - MindRay

We had a fantastic time with the BreakoutIQ team challenge. Marty and Dean were a pleasure to work with. Very friendly and answered all my questions. Our Team enjoyed the adventure and we look forward to doing this or one of your other team challenges in the future. Thank you for being flexible in the event that we would have needed to move indoors. Luckily, the weather was beautiful.

Eileen E. - Salesforce

BreakoutIQ hosted my entire team (500+ people). We did the virtual escape room for our holiday event, and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Frosty’s Festive Escape was a BIG hit with our team. It was challenging! From the time I started planning Rahul was very responsive and very helpful with all the questions I had. The day of the event, Rahul and Dean were awesome. I highly recommend this activity! It was a blast! Thank you BreakoutIQ for a great experience!

Arlene F. - Google

Overall, working with BreakoutIQ was a pleasure. We needed to go back and forth via email with Rahul to set up an event several times, and he was responsive and helpful each time…If you’re on the fence about trivia, I’d like to say that this is not your typical trivia game where you need random knowledge. It’s something that everyone can participate in, and well maybe, you might have that enlightened teammate that knows it all, but I was on the team who came in last place and I still had so much fun with my team! Big thanks to our Game Host Dean for facilitating, making us laugh, keeping it fun and not making me feel bad or sad that my team was continuously in last place =P We all had such a great time!

Cynthia M. - Amazon

We had a team of 40+ and everyone had a great time. They kept it tight to the hour, which is great for a corporate event. Dean and Marcia did a wonderful job taking care of us.

Kristine L. - Visa

BreakoutIQ’s virtual escape room was better than I would have ever expected! Both Rahul and Dean were awesome hosts, I would highly recommend BreakoutIQ as a team event!

Victoria A. - Palantir

Such a fun team activity! We did the Virtual Escape the Room: Entertainer’s Escape for a team event and it was AWESOME! Our host was Varun and he was excellent. BreakoutIQ were super responsive for planning the event, and everything was seamless day of. Already planning our next one!

Douglas R. - Uber

I just played the Entertainers Escape (their online Escape Room game) with my team and had a great time! We split our team into two groups of 5 and raced to win the game… big regrets after my team lost but the friendly competition made the event even more fun! They’ve nailed the timing of the game and Dean did a great job hosting it. Would highly recommend!

Joyce R. - Cisco

Our team building was great (Frosty’s Festive Escape). Dean and Marcia did a great job. Other teams must try this too.

Gena B. - Dignity Health

I would definitely recommend BreakoutIQ for a team building activity. Dean was professional and engaging. This was exactly what my very tired healthcare team needed!

Mindy B. - Blue Shield of California

Thank you for everything Rahul & Dean – we appreciate you very much! Really fun puzzles!

Robert B. - Cigna

Had a virtual escape room for a corporate event with Dean. I was skeptical at first, but the virtual escape room was great in place of our usual holiday party. Puzzles were interesting, challenging, and required different types of thinking that allowed different people to contribute in different ways.

Jimmy C. - Adobe

The BreakoutIQ team was amazing to work with. They were flexible with time, cost, team, activities, last min substitutions and unexpected guests. I highly recommended their virtual activities for remote works or anyone that’s looking to change up team activities a bit. I wasn’t sure how organized having 50 people on a zoom conference bridge was going to be, but they did a great job!

Mylene V. - Kaiser Permanente

We had a fun virtual team activity that everyone could easily participate in. I was pleased that nobody on the team needed any special knowledge to participate. The puzzles were fun to solve together. By the end of the hour, we were all talking and laughing. Our host, Varun, was enthusiastic, kept the energy going, and the fun quotient high! Definitely recommend.

Andrew S. - Amazon

We used BreakoutIQ Trivia for our work team during the pandemic! It was a great event! Our host Dean was amazing, and totally deserves a drink on us for being a superb trivia master. It was a great experience to collaborate as a team for fun.

Buck M. - Google

Super fun experience! Really enjoyed the activity. Devin and Dean were great hosts too.

Jessica D. - Salesforce

Devin and Dean did a great job moderating our virtual escape room for a team bonding event! I’ve never done a virtual escape room before so I honestly didn’t have very high expectations, but it ended up being a ton of fun. The puzzles were great and there were no tech issues. 10/10 would recommend.

Andrea G. - Palantir

I had a really fun and engaging event with my work team, which included thirteen people in total. Highly recommended!

Holly G. - Duracell

We did a “Virtual Trivia Game” at the end of our 3 Day Meeting and everybody had a blast! We have a lot of very competitive people which added to the fun and excitement! Thanks to Rahul, Dean and Varun who helped set up and host the session, they were all awesome! THANK YOU!

Lora B. - Survey Monkey

We had so much fun with Devin, Dean and Marcia – I didn’t know what to expect with a virtual escape room and was worried it wouldn’t be fun, but it was a terrific time! I highly recommend this team!!!

Louis G. - Spincar

I booked a session with BreakoutIQ for our Engineering team at Spincar. We were all working remotely and looking for a good team bonding activity to bring us together despite the distance. We were delighted with the experience. The questions and puzzles were exactly the kind of challenge that our team loves to tackle. Our host Dean was excellent at making us feel comfortable, explaining the challenges, and getting us excited for the rounds. It was also extremely easy to book everything through their website. I would absolutely recommend BreakoutIQ for any tech company that is looking for a fun and easy way to bring their employees together in a stimulating and challenging activity.

Alexandra P. - Withum

BreakoutIQ was very accommodating during the process of booking the event and they are very quick to respond. We held an event for our Philly office and we were able to incorporate a Philly themed round! Our host Dean was great – very personable and ran the event smoothly. Great event to bring your team together during this virtual-heavy time!

Sarah R. - Druva

Fun virtual team activity. Dean kept things rolling and made it a light and fun trivia challenge. I especially liked that you get to break out into group rooms so you can chat or argue over the answers. Never done it before but would be happy to again.

Hannah R. - Houzz

We were provided with a fun and new way of virtually interacting with our teams. Great bonding experience!

Jared F. - Salesforce

Fun team-building experience and Dean was a great host. Difficult to recreate these events virtually but they did a stand up job

Kelly T. - Texas Watch

Amazing!!! Would totally use them again. We used them for a 150 person virtual trivia fundraiser and it was flawless! They are worth every penny! Our hosts, Devin and Dean were awesome. Rahul was our main contact, and he was fantastic!

Jawon S. - Synergy Global Housing

We partnered with BreakoutIQ for a virtual client event and had a wonderful time! Dean and Devin were extremely helpful and did a great job facilitating the Escape Room Experience. Overall great experience!

Emily L. - Carlton Fields

I played BreakoutIQ’s remote trivia with a group of our company’s clients, and it was wonderful! It was fun and fast paced. With Rahul as our awesome host, we went through three rounds, and all of the teams had time to interact with one another. We received rave reviews from those that participated, and wouldn’t hesitate to do this again with our clients, employees, or even family and friends!

Dawn O. - Gears CRM

This was so much fun ! I think it’s impressive how they can seamlessly run the whole thing virtually. Devin and Dean did a great job!

Seth R. - Spincar

Dean and Varun were awesome. Very enjoyable experience and much more organized than when we do something like this internally as a company. Most importantly, it stayed pretty much right on time!

Arlene C. - Chanel

Our Team had a great time helping Frosty save the Holidays! It was the perfect “virtual” way for us all to have fun together (and including a little friendly competition always adds to the fun). BreakoutIQ delivered exactly what they promised – a smoothly run platform filled with lots of laughter, adventure and in our case, wonderful Team Bonding. Varun, thank you for making it all run so smoothly!

Erik L. - Salesforce

My team has done this a couple times with Rahul and Ava, they’re great hosts and take care of all the work, all you have to do is sit back and have fun. Highly recommend.

David H. - Waymo

Our team had a great time playing through the puzzles, they were generally the right difficulty (none were too easy) and the guides (Dean and Ava) were excellent at jumping in at just the right time giving us hints. Thanks for a wonderful holiday game for our remote team to bond over! Happy Holidays!

Haley N. - Emarsys

My company just had a great experience with BreakoutIQ Virtual Team Building! The instructions were clear and it was really fun to be in the breakout rooms! We needed help at one time and one of our awesome hosts, Devin, was there super quick and helped us out! Devin and Ava (I think her name was!! Sorry if I’m totally butchering that!) were AMAZING! Their energy really hyped up everyone on the call! 100% recommend!

Casey S. - St. Joseph Health

I had great responsiveness right from the beginning. Rahul was great about answering questions and being flexible to meet our company needs. The price is right and my entire team had a great time. Thanks!

Clare M. - Genpact

Y’all this was SO FUN! Rahul and team were super professional, organized, and responsive. The technology worked great and the virtual puzzles were fun. Our hosts, Marcia and Devin, were super fun and funny and everyone had a great time. Our group of 50 had a blast. 10000% recommend this company!

Demetrius R. - Continental LTC

Our team thoroughly enjoyed The Entertainer’s Escape! We had a team of 17, so I wasn’t sure how logistically it would work, but Varun led us through the exercise like a pro! I’ll definitely keep BreakoutIQ in mind when planning other virtual team activities.

Alyssa L. - The Happy Group

The Frosty Virtual Escape Room was amazing! Having our live host, Varun, guide our group through the experience was incredibly put together and overall was just a great experience. Our entire group of 50 enjoyed the experience!

Rhonda R. - Learning Care Group

We use BreakoutIQ for two escape room events. It was a great time and very well organized. The 2nd event was with a large group and I was afraid there may be issues but everything ran smooth. The team is very friendly and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely use them again!

Jessie J. - Projector

Our 15 person team did the Entertainer’s Virtual Escape Room and everyone had a good time. Overall response was better then they expected and they would do it again. The Puzzles were interactive, the length of the event (1 hour total) was just right, and we had some good follow up conversations. Varun was our host, and was great at getting us set up and going and keeping us moving.

Sandy L. - Natera

Our team did the virtual Frosty’s Festive Escape and we all had a great time. Dean K. was such an amazing host and help answer our questions when we were stuck. I highly recommend BreakoutIQ to any team looking for an interactive team building activity.

Lauren R. - Adobe

Planned a holiday virtual team building event and absolutely loved it. It was challenging and fun for everyone. Rahul was great and informative and we would definitely do it again!

Austin E. - Career Tech

BreakoutIQ helped us plan a virtual holiday party during the pandemic, and we had so much fun with the Frosty’s Festive Escape virtual escape room. At a time when we’re all getting tired of remote work and missing being in person, this was a great activity to boost everyone’s spirits. The puzzle were really fun, and Devin was an expert host. Would 100% do this again.

Tricia P. - Amherst

This was the first virtual gathering my whole team provided in. Most of the other zoom meetings/gatherings we had this year where not as detailed and engaging. Most of the time co-workers were distracted by other things or lost interest and signed off. This was a full blown hour of team building , laughter and engagement. Everyone is so happy with these services , we are going to have BreakoutIQ host our quarterly virtual team building events. Our host Dean Koya and Marcia were wonderful and easy going everyone in my team loved them. Thanks again for the wonderful time! Our team is closer on a personal level more then ever because of FROST’S GREAT ESCAPE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Victoria L. - EY-Parthenon

The virtual trivia event was a lot of fun for the team! The riddle/brainteaser-like questions were very engaging and allowed everybody to participate. Dean was an great host (in fact, the “Dean Team” named after him ended up winning), and it was very easy to organize the event

Minodora C. - Birdeye

Great experience for my team! Some of them were actually not that excited when they heard Trivia, but this one was totally different – everyone was able to participate and have fun. Dean was an incredible host and made this remote team building a blast!.

Vanessa C. - Robinhood

BreakoutIQ never disappoints! This is my second event (first Virtual with them) and it was great. The team loved the Trivia as it was engaging and gave them an opportunity to collaborate and work together as a team. Thank you Dean for making it so Fun and engaging.

Taylor G. - Cruise

Dean was an amazing host! BreakoutIQ was very organized and professional, with creative trivia questions. I was in charge of planning this event, and I barely had to lift a finger. 10/10 would recommend this for a virtual team building event.

Sheetal G. - Boston Consulting Group

We used BreakoutIQ for our first virtual team event. I liked how the trivia was puzzles/brainteasers which everyone can participate in. I liked how there were opportunities to get together as a group, but then also space to mingle with a smaller group of people via breakouts…The process was extremely seamless, the team was great to work with…Will definitely do again.

Manager at NBC Universal

The BreakoutIQ team was fantastic to work with, and were highly accommodating with our dynamic group size and logistics.Their responsiveness, attention to detail and flexibility made the event setup process seamless and easy. The event itself was an awesome “escape the room” type challenge. We had a great time and would highly recommend BreakoutIQ to any team, big or small, looking for a really fun and rewarding experience!

Nicole L. - Facebook

I absolutely LOVE working with BreakoutIQ! Their event coordinator even helped me find and book a venue! The event itself was SO MUCH FUN and the game really helped push my team out of their comfort zone. You can bet I will be booking with them again and again!

Megan D. - Genentech

BreakoutIQ made my life easy! They brought an “Escape Room” to us and completely took care of the set-up and coordination. Rahul was so easy to work with and the facilitators were able to coach a lot of people with different styles/personalities through the game. Thanks for a unique event that people are still talking about weeks later!

Tej T. - Pocket Gems

I’ve done many Escape the Room games, and this one was both more fun and also scaled MUCH better to a larger group. All of us were able to actively contribute the whole time because of the format of the game (smaller puzzles that contribute to a larger puzzle) and we had a blast!

Devin S. - WeWork

What a blast! My team of 30 was tired and not looking forward to playing games after work (unless it was solitaire in bed with a glass of wine). It was a great surprise to see them come together, get super engaged, laugh & yell, and work our hardest to solve the puzzle.

Becca N. - Handy

For our executive team’s offsite, I needed something that was nearby and would require very little travel. Lucky for us, BreakoutIQ will travel to you! The experience was incredibly seamless end to end (and reasonably priced). The group really enjoyed the activity and we will 100% use BreakoutIQ in the future.

Jen H. - Freenome

Michelle was accommodating from initial contact to the completion of our event. I threw a lot at her but she stayed enthusiastic, and never faltered or complained. She found an excellent venue for us, and even worked with me when all the options I wanted were above budget.

Kevin C.

My company really wanted something that would be different, interesting, and that everyone could participate in. We needed it to be easy to set up and able to accommodate a large number of people. The “escape room” itself really got everyone fired up and working together, and had just the right level of difficulty.

Sheena G. - Oliver Wyman

My team had an amazing time with BreakoutIQ! They were able to accommodate my large group of 100 and made planning the event really easy. We chose the escape the room game, which was a great activity for our off-site.

Jeff G. - Google

My friends and I are big fans of the escape room genre, but there has been no game as convenient as this one – they come right to your house or office and set up in about 15 minutes. Unlike other rooms, the emphasis is purely on the puzzles themselves. Recommend for any escape room fans.

Chetan G. - Facebook

Had to book a 45 person event on seven days notice. Reached out to BreakoutIQ and they even helped us book a venue for food and drinks throughout the event including after the BreakoutIQ facilitated activities. Ken was very responsive and proactive helping us through the process

Kelly K. - KPMG

Working with BreakoutIQ was one of the easiest events I’ve helped coordinate. From a few weeks prior to our event helping us find the best location, to the day of, Varun went above and beyond. He went to the location of our event a few days before to check out the room rental for logistical purposes, and arrived 2 hours before the start of our event.

Hafsah L. - MSA West

Our team had a blast during our event! The team arrived early and was immensely enthusiastic, professional, and helpful. Obaida, the staff member facilitating, was outstanding and managed to engage and lead the activity with really high levels of interaction. We are so thankful for the experience!

Enya L. - TDAmeritrade

The day of, it was super easy to step away from our offsite for a short time, and Lisa and Lizzie were amazing and hilarious. The girls were super quick to set up, and also took photos during the event. The team truly made my job of planning stress free which allowed me to fully engage with the activity!

Alexandra A.

Our session was fun and intellectually challenging, and it really loosened the team up at the beginning of a weeklong training. Rahul, our guide, was the best! He knew when to help, when to give clues, and when to step back and let us figure things out.

Amy G. - San Francisco Department of Health

BreakoutIQ was outstanding! Finding an activity for my group of 13 was not easy. We wanted something that would allow us all to work together, that was challenging, competitive and, most importantly, fun. Rahul is the consummate professional and was able to communicate the experience very well. Look no further, this is the best thing going!

Tracy D. - St. Mary’s College of California

It is a true test of team building and communication. The facilitation at the start was great. It really spoke to what I wanted my staff and me to get out of it. And the debrief was on par as well. Besides fun, it was educational on an individual and group level.

Jeffrey F. - Airbnb

The game required tons of teamwork and cooperation amongst our group, and there was a fun competitive element by competing against the other half of our team. The recap they shared at the end was extremely thorough and intriguing. It helped to give you the big picture of how each team took a different strategy