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Their remote teams have enjoyed our virtual team building trivia activity

Virtual and Hybrid Team Building Made Easy

Setting up and running events for remote teams couldn’t been easier!
Just book an event with us, have your team meet us on your desired video conferencing platform and we’ll take it from there.

We can even accommodate hybrid teams that have a mix of virtual and onsite participants.
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Virtual Team Building Activities

Meet the challenges of managing remote teams

With the widespread adoption of hybrid and entirely remote workplace models in recent years, new challenges emerged around maintaining company culture, team cohesion and employee morale. Team building exercises had to evolve to meet those challenges. BreakoutIQ has been at the forefront of that evolution. We harnessed the power of traditional team building activities and refocused it into online events. As a result, your employees can engage in highly rated virtual team building activities no matter where they are, coming together to learn more about each other and forging strong working relationships that they carry into their daily work routines.

There are a number of benefits to remote team building:

  • They add a personal touches to professional relationships, building familiarity, trust and cohesion between colleagues.
  • It’s a great morale booster and gives your employees a chance to have fun together.
  • Team members learn how to work as a team and utilize each person’s individual strengths to overcome challenges.
  • People learn how to communicate with each other and get insight into each person’s unique style of communicating. 
  • A virtual team building activity can help those who have never worked remotely before overcome their hesitation to being on camera.

How to successfully do team building while working remotely

While there are many ways of getting to know one another, an online game or team building exercise allows for people to learn about each other in a fun, more organic and natural way.

While you could try to spend time and resources creating virtual team building activities, it’s more work than it may seem, especially if you’ve already got a lot on your plate. That’s why BreakoutIQ is here. We have a number of activities ready to go, and our team of experts will handle all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to do anything other than reach out to us and book a session. 

Need team building for multiple remote teams or large groups? 

No problem! Our online team building events like remote trivia and virtual escape rooms are ideal for large companies and can handle up to 700 people per session. 

All Events Include

<2 Minute Setup

We walk you through the whole way!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day!

Professional Hosting

You’re in good hands!


What Our Clients Say

I just played the Entertainers Escape (their online Escape Room game) with my team and had a great time! We split our team into two groups of 5 and raced to win the game… big regrets after my team lost but the friendly competition made the event even more fun! They’ve nailed the timing of the game and Dean did a great job hosting it. Would highly recommend!



My new team did the virtual escape room and had a blast! Dean and Varun were awesome facilitators. Thanks!



“Amazing!!! Would totally use them again. We used them for a 150 person virtual trivia fundraiser and it was flawless! They are worth every penny! Our hosts, Devin and Dean were awesome. Rahul was our main contact, and he was fantastic!”

Kelly Taft

Texas Watch

We had a great experience with BreakoutIQ. Rahul hosted our Trivia session, and it was a fun way to bring together our remote team. Thank you!



“Great team builder and so much fun! Super organized, user friendly, and very engaging. This is a great investment for teams right now; super great way to do something virtually. Devin and Dean were awesome hosts too! Definitely use BreakoutIQ!”

Katy Hall

“The trivia questions were creative and challenging – it really stumped my team which allowed us to bond and learn more about one another. Would definitely recommend this company!”

Valerie Wong

Asian American Bar Association

“If you’re on the fence about trivia, I’d like to say that this is not your typical trivia game where you need random knowledge. It’s something that everyone can participate in… I was on the team who came in last place and I still had so much fun with my team!”

Arlene May Florendo


“The Trivia night was really fun. A lot of people weren’t trivia people and were nervous about not being good at the game. But the questions are more like riddles that you have to solve so everyone has a fighting chance. My org really enjoyed it.”

Claire Choo

Asian American Bar Association

“Devin & Dean were fantastic hosts! The game was well-organized and easy to play. Hope we can experience this again!”

Kyra Green

“Overall, working with BreakoutIQ was a pleasure. We needed to go back and forth via email with Rahul to set up an event several times, and he was responsive and helpful each time.”

Arlene May Florendo


“The trivia game for the team building aspect of the event was a lot of fun! Great job Devin and Dean for hosting a great activity!”

Megan Joncas