Virtual Escape Room

Energize your team with this fast paced, puzzle-based challenge!

A Virtual Escape Room for Remote Teams

Gather Clues. Solve Challenges. Compete to Win!

  • Solve a series of challenges designed to test your wits, creativity, and teamwork
  • Immerse yourself in a web of clues hidden in real music videos, virtual searches, fact-finding quests and riddles
  • Race against the clock, and other teams, to be the first across the finish line!
Game Themes

The Entertainer's Escape

A group of disgruntled entertainers – known simply as The Painter, The Musician, The Playwright, and The Director – have stolen a rare artifact called The Masterpiece

It’s your job to help The Artist’s Alliance stop them from auctioning it off!

Also available: Frosty’s Festive Escape (recommended from Nov-Jan)

All Virtual Escape Events Include

Large Group Support

Up to 600 people in one session! Your group will be placed in teams of 4-5 people for some friendly competition!

Professional Hosting

Your team just shows up, and our facilitators take care of them from start to finish!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day, and will work with you to find the best fit for your agenda

What to Expect from your Virtual Escape Experience

Virtual experience The group signs onto Zoom with our facilitators for a brief verbal intro
Team activity Teams of 5-6 each are sent to independent virtual breakout rooms to work through the escape room challenge for 45 minutes
Puzzles are hosted on our platform and accessed through web links (no prior installation or login required)
Team activity and collaboration Teams must solve every challenge, unlock a series of passphrases, and be the first to get through the final challenge
Our hosts are on-hand to answer questions and provide hints throughout the activity
Teams are brought back to the main session to recap the final answers of the virtual escape room, and to announce the top teams!

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