Name That Price!

The price of winning has never been more fun!

A Virtual Team Building Showcase!

Come on down and place your bids, it’s time to Name That Price!

  • Guess the prices of popular and unique consumer items!
  • Compete in teams as you bid to collect the most points!
  • The top 2 teams go head-to-head for the win in the final ‘Showcase’ round!

Game Themes

Choose the game that’s best suited to your audience!

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Great for US teams. Features popular consumer items in the US! (Coming Soon!)

All 'Name That Price!' Events Include

Large Group Support

Up to 750 people in one session! Your group will be placed in teams of 5-6 people for some friendly competition!

Professional Hosting

Your team just shows up, and our facilitators take care of them from start to finish!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day, and will work with you to find the best fit for your agenda

What to Expect from your ‘Name That Price!’ Experience

The group signs onto Zoom with our facilitators for a brief verbal intro. 
Team activity Teams of 5-6 each are then sent to independent virtual breakout rooms for an introductory round. After the intro round, teams are brought back to the main session to begin the first round of the game.
The game consists of 3 rounds, each with 2 parts:

  • Part 1: A bidding game where you guess the price of unique item before all the digits are revealed!
  • Part 2: Teams work together in breakout rooms to guess the prices of a series of popular consumer items!
During Part 2, teams submit their responses via a URL provided by the host
The host provides answers and score updates after each round
The top 2 teams after 3 rounds compete in a final ‘Showcase’ round where they each pick a different collection and bid on it. The team with the closest bid wins!

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