Trivia for Remote Teams

Trivia based remote team building activities!

A One Of A Kind Experience For Remote Teams

Seamless In-Game Experience

  • Easy answer submission on BreakoutIQ’s platform via a simple URL
  • Hosted on Zoom (or alternative platform)
  • Real time scoring and in-game stats!

How it works


Professional Hosting for Any Occasion

  • Fun lively host with years of experience
  • Team happy hours, team building, fundraisers… you name it!
  • You show up, we handle the rest!



Inclusive Game Content for Everyone!

  • Limited prior knowledge needed to participate!
  • Rely on intuition, problem solving, and teamwork!
  • Classic trivia or customization options available

How we create our questions

Simple and Flexible!

<2 Minute Setup

We walk you through the whole way!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day!

Groups of Any Size!

Up to 350 people in one session!

Don’t Take Our Word for It!


Andreessen Horowitz

A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities



Another company with a highly distributed workforce and a need for remote team building Another company with a highly distributed workforce and a need for remote team building


"I didn't know two co-workers very well and this was a great opportunity to interact with them and learn more about them in a more relaxed way. Definitely recommend it!"

- Emilio, Taulia

"Well organized, funny, and they put in a lot of effort to customize the evening so that company trivia was mixed in with ""normal"" trivia. I would 100% book them again!"

- Caroline, Andreessen Horowitz

"The event itself was SO MUCH FUN!! My team (who can tend to be on the introverted side) had a blast and the trivia game really helped push them out of their comfort zone and also get to know one another better.”

- Nicole, Facebook

“It was super Fun. All the rounds very well thought out. It was very good mix of competing against team as well as working with other teams to move forward.”

- Nilay, GTS

“Our group was 120 people - it was so much fun and the teams were very competitive! It was surprising to see people you would never think be all about it! It was a memorable time!”

- Debbie, HP


We’re happy to work with you on pricing should budget be an issue!

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Up to 25 people
60 minutes
Up to 50 people
60 minutes
Up to 75 people
60 minutes
Up to 150 people
60 minutes
Up to 350 people
60 minutes
$500 $750 $1,000 $1,500 $2,500
per event per event per event per event per event



Extra Rounds Add Your Content Custom Rounds
Up to 2 additional rounds
Adds 30 minutes
You provide content
and we upload it to our platform
We design content
tailored to your goals
+25% +$250 +$350
of base cost per round per round

Book Now!

To check availability: Select a package, pick your time zone, and explore our availability calendar (no payment or personal info required)

To book: Select your preferred event time + any add-ons, fill out a quick questionnaire, and enter your payment info



+ Booking Process

+How far in advance do I need to book?

You can check our real time availability in the “Book Now” widget. If your desired time isn’t available, please schedule time with our event coordinators and we’ll see what we can do

+How does the event get scheduled?

Once you complete your booking above, you’ll automatically receive a confirmation with all of the details that you need for the event! We’ll provide a unique Zoom meeting room link, as well as instructions for you to share with your colleagues on how to setup Zoom

+Can you host with other video conferencing software?

We have a strong preference for Zoom due to its breakout room function enabling for the smoothest experience. When necessary, we’ve hosted events on Google Meet and WebEx for smaller groups, but they tend to have a slightly more clunky experience

+Can we work with you to customize the schedule?

Yes! If you have any special requests, please schedule time with our event coordinators

+Do you offer discounts?

If you have a tight budget, we’ll do our best to accommodate Please schedule time with our event coordinators to discuss

+ Preparing for the Event

+What do I need to do in advance?

2 simple steps! Share this information from your confirmation:

1) The unique Zoom meeting link

2) Instructions on how to download Zoom desktop with your team to make sure they’re properly set up to join the event

We handle the rest!

+Do you handle event registrations?

We do not handle event registrations at this time. We found that event registration was best handled by team and event organizers who have full context for the attendees. We’re happy to suggest ways to manage this process if helpful

+Can we pre-select teams in advance?

The default is for us to randomize teams, which is our recommended option to maintain flexiblity since not everyone always shows up, and to mix up groups.

We understand some event contexts require pre-selected teams, and we can accomodate that as well. We’ll reach out with a template for you to drop teams into, and we’ll make sure they’re reflected during the event. Teams are generally 4 – 7 people

+ Additional Activity Details

+How do we work in our teams?

Zoom has the ability to create private rooms within a larger group chat, and our host can move you in and out of those rooms on command. So a round will be introduced, you’ll be placed in a private room with just your team of 4-6 people, and brought back to the larger group when the round is done.

Click here to learn more about how it works!

+How do players respond to questions?

We host all of the round content on our survey platform that includes the questions, a built in timer, and space to submit answers. Our host will provide a link after introducing each round. Each team will have a designated “team captain” that will be responsible for submitting their teams answers

+How will players know when to move from their breakout sessions to the main room?

Our host takes care of that for you! You’ll always be in the right place at the right time

+How do you manage people talking over one another in the Zoom session?

Participants are muted during the main sessions, which is treated more as a broadcast from our facilitators to the group. During this period, participants can interact via chat.

+How do you judge who won --- are we graded, or is it in a game-show style?

Our platform and hosts will grade your answer submissions in real-time, and announce them after each round. Make no mistake – there IS a right and wrong answer, and there WILL be a winner!

+ Game content

+Who is this for? Is it a fun trivia game, or a more professional one?

Whether you’re looking to host a fun group activity with some light trivia, or focus more on remote team building, we’ll design the right content for you. Our facilitators are also trained to read the room and work with you to match the tone and experience you’re looking for.

+Do you need special knowledge to play? Is it like a bar trivia activity?

No – we design each round and question to limit the amount of outside knowledge needed to answer. We have very few “you know it or you don’t” type questions, and try to actively reward team discussion in arriving at the right answers.

Upon request, we’re happy to make the game more of a bar trivia style to include specific themes that your group will like.

+Is this appropriate for a corporate audience? Will anyone be uncomfortable?

It is appropriate for corporate audiences. Our expert event facilitators have hosted many events for many different teams, and the activity itself features no mature content.

+Can we customize the content?

There are 2 customization packages available:

For $250 per customized round, we’ll provide you with a template and you provide the content (which we’ll upload to our system).

For $350 per customized round, we’ll create content tailored to your specific needs