Trivia based remote team building activities! Hosted on video conference!

A One Of A Kind Experience For Remote Teams

Virtual Team Building for Remote Teams

  • A specially designed remote team building activity- runt with thousands of people featuring our top of the line TrivIQ game
  • Connect your whole distributed team in a shared virtual experience over video conference
  • We’ll use your org charts to pair people across multiple roles, departments and locations

Simple Setup for Any Occasion

  • <5 minutes of setup before the activity
  • Works for groups of 10 or 1,000
  • Variable game lengths and easy break points

Game Content for Everyone, Not Just Trivia Buffs!

  • No prior knowledge needed to participate!
  • Light, creative rounds
  • Puzzles and problem solving games

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Simple and Flexible!

2 Minute Setup

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We handle the rest!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day!

Large Group? No Problem!

Up to 350 people in one session!



  • $500 minimum activity fee
  • Per person costs vary – flexible pricing based on group size, off-peak dates, or tight budgets
  • No other taxes or fees for standard events

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  • Top rated experience
  • Hands-on event coordination
  • Expert facilitators
  • BreakoutIQ hosted Zoom session

Don't take our word for it!


Andreessen Horowitz

A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities



Another company with a highly distributed workforce and a need for remote team building Another company with a highly distributed workforce and a need for remote team building


"I didn't know two co-workers very well and this was a great opportunity to interact with them and learn more about them in a more relaxed way. Definitely recommend it!"

- Emilio, Taulia

"Well organized, funny, and they put in a lot of effort to customize the evening so that company trivia was mixed in with ""normal"" trivia. I would 100% book them again!"

- Caroline, Andreessen Horowitz

"The event itself was SO MUCH FUN!! My team (who can tend to be on the introverted side) had a blast and the trivia game really helped push them out of their comfort zone and also get to know one another better.”

- Nicole, Facebook

“It was super Fun. All the rounds very well thought out. It was very good mix of competing against team as well as working with other teams to move forward.”

- Nilay, GTS

“Our group was 120 people - it was so much fun and the teams were very competitive! It was surprising to see people you would never think be all about it! It was a memorable time!”

- Debbie, HP

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+ What is Remote TrivIQ?

+What is the game content like?

Our Trivia is inspired by trivia nights and game shows, and designed to maximize fun by picking the right content to encourage more participation and team discussion! A typical game lasts ~75 minutes, with 7 different rounds. Usually 2-3 of the rounds are lighter, more creative rounds to ease your team into the game, with another 2-3 puzzle and problem solving based rounds and another 2-3 team and office culture based rounds. While we can adjust that balance for your preferences, we find this to be a great way to make sure everyone on your team can contribute to the game.

+How long does it last?

Our standard activity lasts 7 rounds and a total of roughly 75 minutes. As it is round based, we are happy to be flexible in order to fill a specific amount of time for your event! Our past events have ranged from 15 minutes to 2 hours

+How do you judge who won --- are we graded, or is it in a game-show style?

After each round, your answers are submitted online and scores automatically tallied.  In addition, we’ll provide score updates throughout the game; and at the end of the game, the victors will be announced!

+ Our customization process and sample questions

+I don’t need customized content - how do you pick the right content for my team?

We’ll send you a <5 minute questionnaire to learn about your group, and use that to pick the right mix of rounds and questions. Specifically, the questionnaire helps us learn more about your preferred game tone and setting (social, happy hour style, professional, team building, etc.), participant makeup (departments, how well they know each other, interests), and anything else you’d like to share.

+I’m interested in a custom trivia game - how do you design that for my team?

Custom content can be tailored to any objective you have in mind and is a great way to enhance your remote team building activity.

Specifically, our custom games start with at least 40-50% custom and brand new content for your team. Before the event, we’ll send you a questionnaire to get the basics, and then you can be as hands on or hands off as you’d like from there.

After that, we’ll use our existing library of custom round frameworks to personalize your game content, or we’ll create a brand new round type just for you!

+What are some sample rounds?

We offer a broad variety of rounds, but here are a few of our most popular:

Consensus Round

This is our highest energy round – half of your team has to move across the room, and your answers to 8 opinion based questions must match. It’s a great round for team and office culture questions.

Scenario Round

This is our most collaborative round. We present a challenging scenario and give you 10-15 items you can use to get out. You have 6 minutes to pick and rank the most important set of items. Topics can include a crash landing on the moon, zombie apocalypse, or more.

Urban Dictionary Round

Our funniest round. Can you match 8 seemingly random definitions from the eclectic online dictionary from a word bank of 16? We’ll often offer a light customization of this round for your company and industry in even our standard games. Don’t worry, we keep these all professional.

+ Who it's for

+Who is this for? Is it a fun trivia game, or a more professional one?

Whether you’re looking to host a fun group activity with some light trivia, or focus more on remote team building, we’ll design the right content for you. Our facilitators are also trained to read the room and work with you to match the tone and experience you’re looking for.

+Do you need special knowledge to play? Is it like a bar trivia activity?

No – we design each round and question to limit the amount of outside knowledge needed to answer. We have very few “you know it or you don’t” type questions, and try to actively reward team discussion in arriving at the right answers.

Upon request, we’re happy to make the game more of a bar trivia style to include specific themes that your group will like.

+Is this appropriate for a corporate audience? Will anyone be uncomfortable?

It is appropriate for corporate audiences.  Our expert event facilitators have hosted many events for many different teams, and the activity itself features no mature content.


+How many players can we have at one time?

Up to 200 players at once can be accommodated in one game, making it a perfect venue for remote team building. And if your group is even bigger than that, we have some tricks to make it work!

+What if some people are in office and some are remote?

We know how common that workplace setup can be! We encourage everyone to join the trivia game on zoom from their own computers, even if they’re in the same building. This helps keep the experience unified for everyone.

+Is it hosted? How many hosts will there be?

Yes, at least one host will explain every round, and be available to answer questions and keep the game moving.

+Do we all need to download Zoom?

Yes, if your company doesn’t normally operate on Zoom you will all need to download the desktop version for this event. It’s easy to do and takes only a moment!

You can download the client at the Zoom download center.

+How do teams work?

Zoom has the ability to create private rooms within a larger group chat, and our host can move you in and out of those rooms on command. So a round will be introduced, you’ll be placed in a private room with just your team of 4-6 people, and brought back to the larger group when the round is done.

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We’ll use your org chart or whatever criteria you like to split up teams beforehand!