About Us


Experiences as a Gateway to Connection

We believe there are many ways to encourage meaningful interactions between people.

BreakoutIQ’s approach is to design interactive experiences where groups practice creative problem solving and play together in pursuit of a common goal.

We strive to have teams come away with a shared, common experience that’s not only fun and memorable, but also a building block towards establishing strong relationships and mutual understanding.

Our journey began by designing what became the top-rated portable, large group escape room. On the surface, teams are solving a fun mystery, but “under the hood” they’re also exploring team dynamics on many different levels – problem solving strategy, communication, self organization, and role setting, to name a few.

We’ve followed up our flagship escape activity with enhanced versions of some familiar activities – a custom trivia activity that focuses on sparking discussion and debate rather than emphasizing obscure knowledge, and scavenger hunts that mix light-hearted exploration with puzzling challenges.

BreakoutIQ is based in both the San Francisco Bay Area and the New York Tri-state Area, and has staged events and activities for 20,000+ people across 750+ events since 2016. We continue to look for ways to better connect people through engaging and playful experiences!


Leave You With a Memorable Experience

We know that there are many considerations and challenges when planning your perfect event

Trying to find an experience where novelty and relatability come together, where people can be themselves but also step outside their comfort zone, and where pure fun meets meaningful value is no easy feat.

To further have to optimize for a difficult agenda, the logistics of location and transport, and of course an uncertain and ever changing budget requires a partner that’s committed to your success


We place great importance in making your planning process as smooth and easy as possible.

We start by aiming to respond to all new requests within 1 hour, and then driving the planning process every step of the way so that you don’t have to. Every customer request is taken into consideration, and we do our best to partner with you to make your vision a reality.


We appreciate the challenge of trying to find an activity that engages everyone in a diverse group, and so we make inclusivity a core principle in the way we design activities.

All of our experiences require limited to no prior knowledge and feature:
– A wide variety of challenges to engage people with different sensibilities
– A thoughtful game flow to ease people into the activity
– A mix of high energy collaboration and friendly competition to keep things exciting all the way through!


We want people to find joy in play, and to lose track of time and forget the constant demands on their attention.

Our activities tap into an innate and universal desire to play and to solve, and aim to encourage observation, curiosity, individual persistence, creative, and of course, teamwork.