Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Chart your course to discovery, creativity and fun!

A Fast-paced Adventure That's Virtual and Personal!



Discover, Create, Win!

  • Complete a series of challenges by searching the web, using items from your own home or coming up with clever on-the-spot creations!
  • Race against the clock to complete the most challenges and collect the most points!
  • Compete with other teams as you search for scoreboard dominance!
Game Themes

The Quest of Wonders

Enter a quest across the world’s most iconic landmarks and monuments! Take a virtual trek across the globe as you discover their secrets, solve their challenges and take on the mantle as protectors of their legacies!

Space Corps Adventures

A star-studded space-themed scavenger hunt! Virtually explore the vast reaches of space, unlock the secrets of the universe, and topple your adversaries on your quest to becoming Earth Mightiest Explorers!

The Masters of Thrill!

In this Halloween scavenger hunt, dive into a chilling underworld of classic movie thrillers, haunted real-world locations, costumes, decorations and all manner of spooky Halloween fare! Work in teams to vanquish your foes and earn the title of The Masters of Thrill!

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Winter Quest

Add some cheer to your winter celebrations with this dazzling holiday scavenger hunt! Delight in a heartwarming game featuring your favorite holiday movies, iconic locations, favorite gifts, family traditions, decorations, and more! Work in teams as you compete to become a celebrated a holiday hero!

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All Virtual Scavenger Hunt Events Include

Large Group Support

Up to 600 people in one session! Your group will be placed in teams of 5-6 people for some friendly competition!

Professional Hosting

Your team just shows up, and our facilitators take care of them from start to finish!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day, and will work with you to find the best fit for your agenda

What to Expect from your Virtual Scavenger Hunt Experience

Virtual experience The group signs onto Zoom with our facilitators for a brief verbal intro
Team activity Teams of 5-6 each are sent to independent virtual breakout rooms to complete a series of challenges. 
The challenges are divided into three 10 minute rounds in the categories of discovery, creativity and trivia. Teams return to the main session after each round for a recap and score update.
Each round is hosted on our platform and accessed through web links (no prior installation or login required)
Team activity and collaboration Teams collect points as they try to solve as many challenges as they can in the time allotted. 
Our hosts are on-hand to answer questions and provide hints throughout the activity
After a final recap at the end, the team with the most points is revealed as the winner!

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Do you have a hybrid team setup, where some employees are remote and others are in the office? We’ve got you covered!

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+How far in advance do I need to book?

You can check our real time availability in the “Book Now” widget. If your desired time isn’t available, please schedule time with our event coordinators and we’ll see what we can do

+How does the event get scheduled?

Once you complete your booking above, you’ll automatically receive a confirmation with all of the details that you need for the event! We’ll provide a unique Zoom meeting room link, as well as instructions for you to share with your colleagues on how to setup Zoom

+Can you host with other video conferencing software?

We have a strong preference for Zoom because its breakout room function enables the smoothest experience. When necessary, we’ve hosted events on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx for smaller groups, but they tend to have a slightly more clunky experience

+Can your event handle hybrid teams that are partly in-office and partly remote? How is the experience different from entirely remote team events?

Yes! We’ve made some minor adjustments to our remote team activities in order to seamlessly accommodate a variety of hybrid team setups. And we’ve been careful to ensure that participants have the same quality experience, regardless of where they’re logging in from.

Click here to find out what hybrid scenarios we accommodate and how the logistics work.

+Can we work with you to customize the schedule?

Yes! If you have any special requests, please schedule time with our event coordinators

+Do you offer discounts?

If you have a tight budget, we’ll do our best to accommodate Please schedule time with our event coordinators to discuss


+What do I need to do in advance?

2 simple steps! Share this information from your confirmation:

1) The unique Zoom meeting link

2) Instructions on how to download Zoom desktop with your team to make sure they’re properly set up to join the event

We also recommend having some pen and paper handy.

We handle the rest!

+Do you handle event registrations?

We do not handle event registrations at this time. We found that event registration was best handled by team and event organizers who have full context for the attendees. We’re happy to suggest ways to manage this process if helpful

+Can we pre-select teams in advance?

The default is for us to randomize teams, which is our recommended option to maintain flexibility since not everyone always shows up, and to mix up groups.

We understand some event contexts require pre-selected teams, and we can accommodate that as well. We’ll reach out with a template for you to drop teams into, and we’ll make sure they’re reflected during the event. Teams are generally 4 – 7 people


+How do we work in our teams?

Zoom has the ability to create private rooms within a larger group, and our host can move you in and out of those rooms on command. So a round will be introduced, you’ll be placed in a private room with just your team of 4-6 people, and brought back to the larger group when the round is done.

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+How do players complete the challenges?

Each challenge will prompt you to either answer a question, retrieve an item from your home or office, or do something creative. We host all of the round content on our survey platform that includes the questions and challenges; a built in timer; and space to submit your answers or tell us what what you brought back or created. Our host will provide a link after introducing each round. Each team will have a designated “team captain” who will be responsible for submitting their team’s responses.

+How do you validate whether someone has retrieved an item or done something creative?

While it’s not possible to validate every single challenge response, the round recaps involve calling on select people to share the items they brought back or created. Everyone will know about this before each round begins.

Also, in our experience, most participants uphold a spirit of fair play and friendly competition on their own and it’s very rare to find people willing to game the system to get ahead.

+How will players know when to move from their breakout sessions to the main room?

Our host takes care of that for you! You’ll always be in the right place at the right time

+How do you manage people talking over one another in the Zoom session?

Participants are muted during the main sessions when our hosts are providing instructions, which is treated more as a broadcast from our facilitators to the group. During these periods, we encourage participants to interact via chat.

However, during the round recaps we ask people to share the items they found or created with the rest of the group and we encourage people to unmute themselves and create banter and cross-talk. Our hosts are also trained to manage these conversations and keep things moving forward smoothly.

+Is there a winner --- how do you judge who won?

You earn points by completing challenges or correctly answering questions. Our platform and hosts will grade your challenge submissions and answers in real-time, and announce them after each round. The team with the most points at the end will be the winner!


+Who is this for? Is it a fun scavenger hunt, or a more professional one?

Whether you’re looking to host a fun group activity, or focus more on remote team building, this activity has what you’re looking for. Our facilitators are also trained to read the room and work with you to match the tone and experience you’re looking for.

+Is this appropriate for a corporate audience? Will anyone be uncomfortable?

It is appropriate for corporate audiences. Our expert event facilitators have hosted many events for many different teams, and the activity itself features no mature content.

+Can we customize the content?

Unfortunately this game can’t be customized at this time.