The Psychic CPA

Mind-Blowing Mentalism for your Next Event

World-class mentalism that captivates and astounds

“He receives a glowing recommendation from not only me but my guests who have continued to rave about the experience for years (literally)! At your event, he will fit right in, deliver amazing entertainment, and make a mind-blowing impression on your guests.”

– Mystina Vogel, Corporate Event Coordinator

This CPA is really good with numbers. Especially the ones you are thinking about right now!

Jeff Kowalk, the Psychic CPA, delivers world-class mentalism that captivates and astounds discerning corporate audiences. With his unique blend of mind-bending illusions and financial expertise, Jeff Kowalk leaves a lasting impression on every event, whether it’s intimate small group performances or full-stage shows.

Beyond the thrills and excitement, Jeff infuses his performances with valuable lessons about decision-making, risk assessment, and the importance of intuition in the business world. His show leaves a lasting impact and sparks conversations long after the event. Invite Jeff Kowalk – The Psychic CPA, to your next corporate gathering and witness the fusion of entertainment and financial expertise. Delight your audience with an unforgettable experience that will have them talking about your event for years to come.

Perfect For

  • In-Person and Virtual Events
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Sales/Product Launch Events
  • Team-Building Retreats
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Award Galas and Banquets

Mind-Blowing Mentalism

Jeff’s performances feature a mix of thought reading, fun, and amazement that leave audiences spellbound. His intuitive abilities seem unparalleled, and audiences will be left in awe as he reveals personal details and mind-blowing insights plucked from your attendees’ thoughts.

Customized Acts

Jeff understands that every corporate event is unique. He tailors each act to incorporate specific themes and time-frames, aligning his performance with the company’s goals and values. This personalized touch ensures a memorable and relevant experience for the audience.

Audience Participation

Engaging the audience is a cornerstone of Jeff’s performances: volunteers become an integral part of the entertainment, fostering a sense of connection and involvement that  continues long after the show is over.

How To Book The Psychic CPA!


For availability and pricing, call (415) 503-9747 or set up an appointment for more details and a quote.