Clues in hand, clock is ticking. What will you discover?



  • Built with large, corporate events in mind
  • Engage 8 – 500+ participants at once!
  • Every game is a private reservation just for your group


  • Our challenges suit a broad mix of personalities so everyone has a blast!
  • No prior skills or experience required
  • Over 15,000 professionals from all industries, departments and levels have enjoyed our experiences


  • Whether at the office or off-site, we bring the game to you!
  • We can even help you book a venue if you need one

Here’s why escape rooms are great for team building!



Themes are selected based on group size and set up needs.

Sherlock's Theater Escape- Escape Room in San Francisco

Sherlock’s Theater Escape

Solve all of Dr. Watson’s devious puzzles and
be the first to unravel the mystery of
Sherlock Holmes and the Great Theater Escape!

The Great American Escape- Escape Room in San Francisco

The Great American Escape

America’s greatest treasure hunter is retiring. Her legacy is up for grabs! Travel the country, solve her puzzles
and take your place as America’s next great treasure hunter!

What's in each escape room in San Francisco?

What's in Each Game:

Work together, gather clues, solve puzzles.
Be the first team to make it across the finish line!
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  • $50 – 75 / person is our standard Escape Room pricing for in-office event
  • Flexible pricing available for large groups, off-peak dates, or tight budgets!
  • Venue rental and travel fees may also apply based on your event location
  • No other taxes or fees for standard events

Inquire about extras: custom content, large events, training workshops, etc.

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  • Top rated experience
  • Hands-on event coordination
  • Expert facilitators
  • Event pictures


A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities A company with a work force very much in need of remote team building activities






“Wonderfully fun and engaging experience. It’s easy for everyone in the team to get involved.”

- Tilak, Facebook

"The series of puzzles were challenging (but oh so rewarding when you finally solved them!) and intricately interlinked."

- Mansi, McKinsey

“BreakoutIQ was an incredible team event! The puzzles were challenging and everyone was working together and deeply engaged.!”

- Karen, Uber

"BreakoutIQ made my life easy! They brought an "Escape Room" to us. Thanks for a unique event that people are still talking about!"

- Megan, Genentech

“A creative, fun and challenging event - not to mention smooth and extremely well run. If you are looking for a team building event, you've come to the right place!"

- Jeffrey, Airbnb


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+ Game themes and what to expect

+What game themes do you have?

We have 2 game themes that work with groups of all sizes:

Great American Escape: Great for all group sizes, 10-500+. This game has you solving clues linked to cities all across the nation, as you take your turn as a treasure hunter. With a mix of audio, smell based, tactile, word, and logic based clues, there’s something for everyone!

Sherlock’s Theater Escape: Great for group sizes 10-100, and our preferred theme for groups of 30 or less. Take your turn as Sherlock Holmes, trying to solve Dr. Watson’s mystery. This game is a mix of detective and theater clues, but no prior knowledge of either theme is needed.

+Are escape rooms physically challenging?

While you will have to move around to some degree to solve or find various clues, there are no tasks or challenges that require extensive physical exertion.

+Are the escape game themes scary? Are we actually locked in a room?

None of our escape rooms are horror themed, and allow for free movement in and out of the actual play area. Our themes are designed for broad appeal.

+What exactly will we be doing?

Our escape games are comprised of a variety of different puzzles, ranging from word and logic, to audio and sensory based challenges. Everything you need to solve the challenges and puzzles will be provided to you during the activity itself – no outside knowledge or prep is required!

And if puzzles aren’t your thing, you can still help your team in other ways:

– Serve as the scout that spends time searching for new clues.
– Be the connector that works with everyone on your team, and connects the dots as clues start to converge during the game.
– Or be the organizer and make sure your team is only focused on new challenges, not revisiting things your other teammates may have already gotten too.

+What if we need help during the game? Will there be a host at my escape room?

At least two of our expert event facilitators will be there to answer any questions and provide support as necessary.

The event facilitators will make sure that nobody is getting stuck or frustrated as they go through the challenge, and will assist you with a series of hints without directly providing you with answers so you can still enjoy all of the A-Ha moments!

+ Why this is a great activity for your entire team

+Will my team and I enjoy playing an escape room?

The Experience
Most of our participants are new to this type of activity and walk away buzzing from the experience!

Our escape room utilizes multiple styles of challenges in order to create a fun and engaging experience for you and your team.

There will be portions of the activity that specifically engage the strengths of everyone, requiring teamwork in order to be successful. As long as you work together with your team, exercise your critical thinking skills, and hold a positive attitude, you will have a fun and rewarding time experiencing our escape room. Be organized, read everything you get, and frequently talk to your teammates to hear about what they’ve uncovered!

Your Team
Teams of all types and industries have played and enjoyed our escape room activities. From engineering, C-level executives, admin, sales and marketing teams, lawyers, doctors, educators, etc.

We’ve also successfully run this activity for many international groups. Our escape rooms are designed to be playable without requiring specific subject knowledge or familiarity with American culture.

However, our game materials and instructions do require reading and conversational level English. If many of your team members are non-native English speakers, it may be too difficult, and our other activities may be a better fit.

Our event facilitators are also trained to support guests as needed.

+Is a portable escape room as fun as a more traditional brick and mortar escape room?

Yes! What makes escape rooms great is how you’re immediately captivated by the storyline and solving the challenges at hand, and we put a lot of effort into our game design to emphasize that. We have fewer bells and whistles than a more traditional escape room, but offer a wide variety of clues, have many hidden clues and amazing reveals, and 2 exciting storylines.

Still not convinced? Just read our reviews! Plenty of escape room enthusiasts have played our games and we always rank towards the top of their lists.

+Why are escape rooms an effective teambuilding activity? Do you offer any training programs?

BreakoutIQ escape rooms are a great way to add a unique and memorable way for guests to think outside the box and interact with each other in new ways. They force everyone in a group to work together to achieve a unified outcome, while still being a fun and exciting time for the team.

They also enhance the flavor of a wide variety of occasions including onsites, offsites, holiday parties, company retreats, sales kickoffs, milestone celebrations, trainings, fun team outings, happy hours, etc.

Click here to learn more about why escape rooms are an effective teambuilding activity.

In addition to the activity itself, we can also include a post-activity debrief and workshop. The discussion highlights key takeaways from the activity; shines a light on your and your teammates’ tendencies; and formulates how those learnings can be applied for a more productive workplace. Some of the topics covered include roles, awareness, and communication, or we can cover custom topics as requested.  Click here to learn more!

+Do you work with kids? What’s the minimum age for participating?

Yes; while we typically work with adults and corporate teams, BreakoutIQ has hosted escape room experiences for many middle schools and high schools. Our escape rooms are best for ages 12 and up.


+How many people can play an escape room at once?

While a typical escape room only holds a maximum of 8 or 10 participants, BreakoutIQ’s escape rooms are designed for larger groups. Our standard offerings can accommodate as many as 500 participants at the same time, in the same space!  We can also do larger groups upon request.

+How do large group escape rooms work?

Participants are placed into teams, usually of 4-6 each. We find this to be the ideal size – teams are large enough to support each other and small enough to engage everyone without someone needing to take a step back. You can pre-select your teams, or have us randomize them on-site.

Each team receives their own copy of half of the clues, while the other half are spread across the room in a variety of formats to be found and solved. Teams will feed off of each other’s energy as they cross paths in the room. Our hosts will make sure no clue gets too crowded and that the light competition remains a source of positive energy so everyone walks away with a great shared experience.

+ How we bring our escape rooms to any location

+Where are your escape room locations? How do you deliver them anywhere?

We offer a portable escape room, which allows us to take our activity anywhere! We are based in both San Francisco and New York, and serve the entire surrounding areas. We can also fly across the country depending on budget and availability.

+Can you host an escape room at my office or off-site venue? How much will you move things around?

Yes! Our escape rooms can be brought anywhere. Setting them up at your office or another venue you provide is the most affordable option and the simplest to organize.

We simply require tables and some open space. Our flexible setup means we are able to work with most spaces. Often the games will take place in one large room, but we can also spread across multiple rooms, set up in a lounge or open office area, or use any other space you have. We’ll send you a sample layout ahead of time so you’ll know what to expect.

+I want to get out of my office, or can’t provide a suitable activity space. Can you provide one?

Yes! We have an extensive network of venue partners across the Bay Area and New York Area. Our concierge team can help you find a great venue for your event.

Our venue partner network features a wide variety of venues such as restaurants, bars, events spaces, conference rooms, retreat centers, as well as some unexpected options like gallery and music spaces!

There are options that work great for most budgets, and venues can often offer food and drink packages too, if you are interested.

+My office isn’t in San Francisco or New York City - can I still book an event?

Yes! Over half of our events take place across the broader Bay Area or Tri-State region.

We also can fly anywhere in the country for certain events based on budget and availability.

+What do you need to set up?

Not much – we make it easy. The primary requirements are tables that ideally have been cleared off before we arrive. Beyond that, we’ll need some open space to walk around each table. A/V is preferred (TV or projector, plus speakers) if available, but we can often provide our own if needed at no extra cost.

Exact space and table requirements will depend on your group size.

+ Scheduling and booking policies

+How does scheduling work? Do you have a sample itinerary?

We have flexible scheduling and are available to host an escape room any time of day. Just let us know your preferred dates and times. Our concierge team can recommend a solution that works for any agenda. Depending on group size and venue, we can host an escape room experience in as little as 30 minutes.

– Our standard game length is 60 – 90 minutes, including an intro, full game, and puzzle recap.
– Our abridged game is 30 – 45 minutes, with just an intro and abbreviated set of puzzles.
– Upon special request, we can adapt our escape rooms to fit a larger length of time in your itinerary.

Most events only require 30 – 60 minutes before and after the activity. We can also accommodate faster setups or cleanups for tight agendas, and occasionally need longer for very large groups.

Sample Itinerary:
3:15pm – 3:30pm – BreakoutIQ Arrival and Check-In
3:30pm – 4:15pm – BreakoutIQ Room Set Up
4:15pm – 5:45pm – 90 Minute Escape Activity [includes instructions and recap]
5:45pm – 6:30pm – BreakoutIQ Cleanup and Depart

+How far in advance do we have to book? What’s your cancellation policy?

We can accommodate last minute bookings, but recommend booking at least 2 – 4 weeks in advance. For larger events or events that require more event coordination, we recommend at least 1 month in advance.

We require a 30% non-refundable deposit to confirm an event, with final headcounts and payment due 2 weeks before your event date. Any payments made above the deposit are refundable up to 2 weeks before the event. After that, date changes and cancellations are usually non-refundable.