Holiday Quest

Spread holiday joy with this in-person winter team event!

Give your team the gift of holiday fun!

An in-person scavenger hunt game filled with holiday spirit! 

  • Play anywhere you choose, indoors or outdoors!
  • Trivia and brain-teasers about holiday movies, jingles, toys, trends and much more!
  • Photo challenges that are delightfully fun and shareable!
  • Compete with other teams to win for an extra dose of fun!

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All Team Quest Events Include

Large Group Support

We are limited only by the number of attendees you can fit into your chosen location!

Professional Hosting

Our virtual hosts will monitor progress and provide support from start to finish!

Flexible Scheduling

We’re available anytime of day, and will work with you to find the best fit for your agenda and location.

Book Now!

We can usually put together an event in just a few days but if you want customized content, we ask for two weeks lead time. Please contact us if you need to schedule something in a shorter timeline.

To check availability: Select a package, pick your time zone, and explore our availability calendar (no payment or personal info required)

To book: Select your preferred event time, fill out a quick questionnaire, and enter your payment info



+How far in advance do I need to book?

We can usually put together an event in just a few days but if you want customized content, we ask for two weeks lead time.

+How does the event get scheduled?

Talk to one of our event coordinators to schedule your event. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation with all of the details that you need for the event!

+Can your event handle hybrid teams that are in different locations?

Yes, Team Quest can handle multi-site teams with our intelligent AI mapping capabilities. When you schedule your event, indicate that part of your team will be in the same physical space. Our event coordinators will follow up with you to coordinate logistics.

+Can we work with you to customize the schedule?

Yes! If you have any special requests, please schedule time with our event coordinators

+Do you offer discounts?

If you have a tight budget, we’ll do our best to accommodate Please schedule time with our event coordinators to discuss


+What do I need to do in advance?

We’ll give you everything you need to organize the event:

1) You will need to organize your attendees into teams. We can help with ideas.

2) You will need to share your event link with your teams. We can supply a unique link or QR code to make it simple.

We handle the rest! There is no special prep or setup needed.

+Do you handle event registrations?

We do not handle event registrations at this time. We found that event registration was best handled by team and event organizers who have full context for the attendees. We’re happy to suggest ways to manage this process if helpful

+What type of setup do I need?

You will provide the location for the event and any custom content requirements. We will use our GPS mapping skills for outdoor events. If your event is indoors, we will work with you on QR code placement.


+What happens once the event starts?

Once you have assigned teams, each team will need to elect a captain to log in to the link we provide. Once the game starts, it’s very easy to understand the flow of the game. See the Team Quest Demo Video above for a complete picture of how the event works.

+How will players know where to go during the event?

All the questions and challenges will be visible on the team captain’s smart phone in the Team Quest interface.

+Is this a game where there's a winner at the end?

Yes. Each team will see how many points they have accrued and a leaderboard will be seen throughout the event. While there should be a clear winner, the team camaraderie will be felt by all attendees.


+Who is this for? What is the purpose of this activity?

This activity is for organizations with members looking to form richer connections with each other in a fun environment. Great for team building and corporate events.

+Is this appropriate for a corporate audience? Will anyone be uncomfortable?

It is appropriate for corporate audiences. Our expert event facilitators have hosted many events for many different teams, and the activity itself features no mature content.

+Can we customize the event?

We are happy to work with you to provide the experience that you’re looking for and will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please schedule time with our event coordinators to discuss.